The System of Higher Education in the United States

The system of higher education in the United States has its own structure. There are two types of higher educational establishment in the USA: public universities and private universities. The Differences between Higher Education in Private and Public Universities Private higher educational establishments are organized on funds of private donations. As a result, a number of students who study at such universities is less than in public ones. Besides, fees in private universities are higher than in public educational establishments. On the contrary, public universities are state-funded, fees are lower than in зrivate universities, and the number of students is bigger. The Requirements for Postgraduate Education Entry It is not so easy to be admitted to the postgraduate education in the United States, as American postgraduate education is highly competitive. For foreign students it is even more difficult. Each university has its own entry requirements. That is why an applicant should look through these requirements. Academic and extracurricular achievements are usually taken into consideration as well. Besides, one should not forget about various scholarships and grants. Degrees of Higher Education If a graduate decides to continue his/her education he/she may study to be awarded with the Doctor’s or Master’s degree. Of course, one should take the Bachelor’s degree before applying for postgraduate education. The Master’s degree is divided into types: professional and academic. Professional postgraduate education prepares students for a certain profession, and academic postgraduate education allows a student to apply for an academic education for further research. One should study from one to three years to obtain the Master’s degree. The Doctor’s degree is closely connected with different researches. The education for this degree lasts from four to eight years which depends on the field of education. By the end of education for the Doctor’s degree one should complete his/her dissertation work.