The Sport Of Knife Throwing

The hobby of Knife throwing has become extremely popular. This is coming from as far as the 15th century where Gypsy circuses would use knife throwing demonstrations to amuse the crowd. What was the most exciting is that these men and women were throwing at live targets, even from time to time actual people in attendance.

The art is hinged on the techniques that are used. The wrist technique is where most of the trick is. aside from the fact that you need good eyesight the arm and wrist is the key to ensuring that there is precision in the throwing form. Just like a baseball pitcher everything counts, even foot action can mean the difference between life and death for the knife throwers innocent bystanders.

While knife throwing is commonly used in the circus it was common place in warfare in the past and is now common place once again. Hand to hand combat does include the use of sharp objects and the ability to wield every weapon can mean the difference between a fatal blow to you or to the enemy. So this is used both as a defensive or an aggressive measure. In stealth the use of the knife is crucial. Throwing the knife means that you can maim or injure your adversary without placing yourself in mortal danger easily. Not only stealth is of grave consideration, speed in disabling your opponent is also important. You can quickly put your opponent down with an accurate knife throw before they can get or cause damage to someone or something. This is critical and one major reason why the US army still uses knives as a standard part of hand to hand combat training.

Throwing knives can be found in various shapes, sizes or forms. They can be double edged, double sided, serrated, unbalanced, balanced and so many more options are available to buyers. The prices also vary and this is also important. The key here is because knives are used as household utensils. This makes it the most accessible deadly weapon to people. In fact research shows that knives are the leading weapon used in most crimes committed in the USA. This fact reinforces the easy accessibility of a deadly weapon. Knives have been around since the Stone Age. Knives were carved out of stone, using stone, chipping away at the edges and making them very deadly and sharp. This is the genesis of knife throwing as sharpened stones were thrown by early civilizations as they hit with deadly force, bludgeoning the victim and sometimes causing an immediate fatality.

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Author Kevin Kobwebb has been throwing knives for over 10 years.

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