The Riesling Trail


27km between Auburn and Clare is the old railway track called the Riesling Trail. Famously regarded as, the Riesling Trail, it’s one of several primary clues of their local’s huge passion for wine and wine making. It’s actually a trekking and cycling trail that joins one side of a wine region to the next. Obviously, it’s this regal white variety of wine in which the Clare Valley is best known for. Perhaps you can get a big possibility in hanging out with the wine maker if you will visit in one of the wineries for tasting. Until now, wineries promote learning and appreciation to their vacationers on how this undying tradition has embrace generation of families to keep on producing premium wines for more than a century and a half.

Clare Valley Riesling Trail
The Riesling Trail serves as a pathway used both for walking or cycling that follows the old regional railway which is now not being utilised. The trail is 27 kilometres long and ends in the atrium of the Clare Valley from Clare to Auburn. If you happen to chose to take this trail, you’ll be able pass several fine-looking townships as well as some local wineries.

The lengthof this trail is as follows: 7 kilometres (Clare to Sevenhill), 5 kilometres (Sevenhill – Penwortham), 5 kilometres (Penwortham to Watervale), 2 kilometres (Watervale to Leasingham) and 8 kilometres (Leasingham to Auburn)

The Riesling Trail is being used in both directions and features several signposts for entrances and exits in every single town and between towns. It features a user-friendly ascent and is best suited for cyclists and hikers in numerous areas of life and skill. The full track could very well be cycled for 2 hours approximately. Parking spots are also provided by four locations en route. This is situated in Clare, Sevenhill, Watervale and Auburn. Loop paths are also around. These trails is going to take you where you started excluding the trails you passed before.

Other portions of this track are hiding from the vision of mankind by means of bush lands and undergrowth. Several stretches expose their beauty during seasonal views in the Clare Valley. From corner to corner, look back to the roofs of Watervale, to the magnificent view to the slopes circling around town, several vineyards, paddocks, and bush land while you are on your way south heading for Leasingham. Majority of the trail go along the contours and formation on the valley, giving detailed insights into its location.

Clare Valley Cycle Hire will provide visitors bike rentals. You could choose the bike yourself or deliver it anywhere in the region, and having 24 hour prior notice, they’re going to deliver food in a picnic basket too.

The things you Need to Do and see
If you are looking for gifts to take home or class A snacks, you may as well take a look at Clare Epicurean, a food shop that has specialized locally manufactured foods and items something like quince jelly, spiced honey and Quandong chutney and jam.

One of the places you must drop by is the Sevenhill Cellars situated in College Road, Sevenhill. Sevenhill Cellars is the oldest and therefore the only winery in Australia that is being operated by a religious order. The Order of the Jesuits built the winery in 1851 for producing sacramental wine. Until now, sacramental wines are still being made there. Go exploringon the cellars as well as the St. Aloysius church and crypt which near to the area. If you have an interest in amazing wine cellars, you may even walk in to the Sevenhill Hotel and take a look to their stunning wine cellar. Nearby the Hotel is the Lica Scarlet. They specialise in newly picked cherries during December.

Quite close to the Riesling Trail is the Anglican St. Mark church which was constructed around 1850. It is positioned nearly outside of Penwortham. The church is on top of a hill looking over the township but still holds mass on sundays. If you need food while you’re on visit in Penwortham, one could dine in at Walnut Cottage which is open from Friday – Sunday and have your meal inside the 19th century building or one of many amazing cottage garden available.

Several well maintained hundred years old building exists in Auburn. You can also enjoy a bite in Tatehams Restaurant or on their not far away neighbor The Rising Sun Hotel. Take pleasure in the accommodation in Clare Valley with great food, great chef and impressive cellars.

Accommodation in Clare Valley is going to be more complete if you would go to see The Riesling Trail. You will definitely get to take pleasure from the place, the localsand the wine. All the info for this place is on the internet where you could book your accommodation in Clare Valley.