The Record on Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is making a bid to be the first women to be president. Frankly, she has a legitimate chance and if she won the democratic nomination it would not be a surprise. But what do we know about Hillary? Here is a summary of some issues and her stance

Iraq War

Clinton voted YES to engage US troops in Iraq and voted no to a timetable to exit Iraq. This would clearly indicate that Ms Clinton is in favor of the war, but the truth is that she is not. She defended her earlier vote by saying she voted with the information she knew at the time. If the same vote were taking today, she would change her vote. Additionally, Clinton is opposed to a forced time table to exit Iraq but does want the Bush administration to change the course of action in Iraq to get us out.


Clinton has voted YES to many bills that supported education and/or directed funds towards education. Clinton has stated many times that she is interested in education and improving our public school systems.

Health Care

Clintons stance here is clear. She wants a universal health care plan that covers all Americans. She has had this stance and goal for years and years. If elected president, this will no doubt be the primary focus of her administration. Early in 2007, she was quoted as saying that she has the expertise to achieve universal healthcare for all. This will no doubt be an incredible topic to cover.

Free Trade

In the area of free trade, her record, based on voting is somewhat mixed. Clearly though, she is in favor of eliminating tax breaks for those corporations who outsource jobs to other countries.

At the Democratic Primary Debate at Howard University on Jun 28, 2007 Clinton said, “Well, outsourcing is a problem, and it’s one that I’ve dealt with as a senator from New York. I started an organization called New Jobs for New York to try to stand against the tide of outsourcing, particularly from upstate New York and from rural areas. We have to do several things: end the tax breaks that still exist in the tax code for outsourcing jobs, have trade agreements with enforceable labor and environmental standards, help Americans compete, which is something we haven’t taken seriously. 65% of kids do not go on to college. What are we doing to help them get prepared for the jobs that we could keep here that wouldn’t be outsourced–and find a new source of jobs, clean energy, global warming, would create millions of new jobs for Americans.” In that one single response, Clinton hit on many topics that are key to America.


When it comes to illegal immigration, Clinton seems to have the attitude of forgive and forget. For example, she voted YES on a Guest Worker Program what will allow illegal aliens who have worked in the US for 5 years or more an easier path to citizenship. At the South Carolina 2007 Democratic primary debate Clinton stated, ” I’m in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, which includes tightening our border security, sanctioning employers to employ undocumented immigrants, getting the 12 million or so immigrants out of the shadows. That’s very important to me. After 9/11, we’ve got to know who’s in this country. And then giving them a chance to pay a fine, pay back taxes, learn English & stand in line to be eligible for a legal status in this country.”
She even voted YES to allow illegal aliens to participate in Social Security. This, in my opinion is not the right stance.

With Hillary in the race, the 2008 election process will be fun to watch.