The Network Technology Evolution A Brief Review

.tags If we just go back, when the revolution in computer networks came into being then we come to know that, people are most likely to have a single computer system in their office/home. There was no sign of the technologies that we see now a day in our regular life. At the beginning internet was only accessible through dial-up modems which were directly connected to the computer using a serial cable without the need of a local area network. The latest achievements in technology and the adoption of high speed internet at homes and commercial offices, accessories and devices that office appliances must be connected to provide online access and also to communicate and share information with their clients at massive level.
Office appliance/accessories/devices mean computers, printers, scanners, cameras, external storage devices etc. All these devices must be accessible among the local area network and also need to have high speed access to the internet. This will not only remove the cost of individual accessories for the employees but also enhance the mobility of the work as single device is being used instead of multiple which might lead improper management of these devices.
To access your single device from multiple computers you need to design efficient Network Setup, setting up a small network within a office is known as LAN, either it is wired or wireless, over which connected devices are accessible from network computers. The computer network is not only developed to access the inter-connected devices and computers but it is also used to share/access broadband Internet connectivity. The one of the most important component of a computer network is its broadband router. It is usually an integrated wired/wireless device that allows us to create a LAN with the help of Ethernet Network Cables or by Wi-Fi wireless connections including the availability of internet access.
Commercial business owners used to hire Computer Networking professionals to build/design an efficient Network Setup for their business so they can start their work without any problem and also Pro Link Systems expert technicians are available 24×7 for the proper management and maintenance of businesses networks.