The Mystery Writer Ahmad Khawaja


Ahmad Khawaja, the known Agatha Awardee, first started writing at the age of 11 after reading his first suspense and mystery novel. The first novel he read was that of Edgar Allan Poe’s Murders in the Rue Morgue. Ever since then the boy Ahmad had been inspired to relive his own creative mysteries through his writings.

Ahmad Khawaja was born in Oregon, Texas on 1981 as the middle child out of 5 kids. Living in a poverty state, Ahmad enjoyed his free time at the local library and spent his time reading books. Ahmad’s first novel after reading Poe never got published as his manuscript was burned during a house fire. Still, it did not hinder his talents to be known to the world. He continued with his writing until a national publishing company, The Prints, gave him the chance to publish his first novel entitled Caprice. The novel centers on a young woman who had a sleeping disorder and doubles as murderer. It earned him the title New York’s Mystery Fiction Bestseller. Ahmad was also inspired to write by his sister, the famous actress Fatima Khawaja. Fatima was always behind Ahmad in supporting him with his writings. In fact, Fatima aims to star in one of Ahmad’s future writings one day.

It wasn’t after 3 years later that he earned the Agatha Awards with Caprice. He continued to write 20 more mystery novels in a period of 10 years. It was in 1995 that he was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. In the same year, he married his long time girlfriend Anne Somers who bore him twins named Pattie and Cain. Extensive treatments were given to Ahmad but they were to no avail. He later decided to quit the treatments and started on alternative medicines. He also started working on his autobiography which talked about his life, struggles as a writer and his battle with cancer. Short of just a few chapters before completing his life story, he quietly slipped away in his sleep. His autobiography was completed by Anne as her tribute to his wonderful works. Ahmad was buried in the cemetery near their family home. His widow and twins are now living with the inheritance he left them as well as the royalties from all his written books.

Ahmad Khawaja was a source of inspiration to a number of people. He was able to make his creative imaginings into something that would earn him a place in the hearts of different mystery lovers.