The Most Traditional Folk Arts is Chinese Paper Cutting

Paper Cutting is one of the most popular traditional decorative folk arts. Material are easy to get, because of its low cost, effective can be seen directly, wide adaptation, so it is very popular. It is the most suitable for rural women when they have leisure time, it is not only as a practical matter, but also beautify the life. In China, you will see it all the country and it even form different styles according to the region features. Paper Cutting is not only presents the aesthetic standard of the masses, and contains the nation’s social deep psychological, but also it is one of the most unique Folk Arts.

Early Paper Cutting maybe is connected with Taoists, they call back the spirit of the dead, such as Du Fu’s poetry, I wash my feet warm soup, paper-cutting move my soul, it has the clearly documented. In general, the art of Paper Cutting has symbol, in addition, paper-cut is also used as sacrificial to worship their ancestors and used as tribute’s decoration for gods. Most of paper cutting are not looking for strict realism, but the performance of the image in front of the masses, such as Paper Cutting of Shaanxi cattle, wildly overstating the swirling hair of the cattle, making it become ornamental patterns, which is not only adds a dynamic visual Changes, but enhances the beautiful form.

Paper-cut people with skillful just need a plan, cut the paper with scissors into graphics directly, while professional artists will use a knife engrave his name in the wax, it is called engraved paper, it need plan, engraved cut, paste, release, made, and  it can be carved many layers of paper at once, in order to improve quality.

Paper-cut is traditional art of the national culture, it is belong to arts and crafts category, it has basement of the mass, has a wide range of popular, practical, is a rare type of art, Paper Cutting is summarize of abstract and nature, it mix together the emotional integration of the artist, retain the most essential things, using skillfully art form to express the subjective world.