The Many Great Foods You’ll Find on Caribbean Vacations


When it comes to vacationing in the Caribbean, most people imagine spending their time basking in the sun alongside a beautifully blue sea. While this is undoubtedly the main feature that brings tourists to the area, there are many other reasons to visit the Caribbean. The wide variety of foods offered in the Caribbean is generally not the first thing people think about when planning their vacation, but they definitely take full advantage of it during their vacation. If you are planning Caribbean vacations in the near future, consider your dining options before you go.

The Caribbean cuisine is a wide mix of plenty of different cultures. There is a blend of Africa, Chinese, French, British, Spanish, Indian and more cuisines all coming together in one region. Seafood is obviously one of the common and most abundant food offered in the Caribbean. Since the entire region is composed of nothing but islands, this is to be expected. Although each island may have its own special type of dish they prepare, most islands offer the same seafood fare. During your all inclusive Caribbean vacations is the time for you to eat foods that will probably fall outside your comfort zone. One of the popular foods to eat in the Caribbean is conch. Most of us have most likely never sampled this type of shellfish before. If you have yet to try this delicious dish, now is the time! Other islands may even offer sharks on their menu. The islands also offer plenty of seafood plates that you are used to seeing on the menu at home, just in case you can’t step outside the box.

If you have been to any type of restaurant that offers Caribbean cuisine, you are already familiar with the regions very own jerk seasoning. This seasoning is usually found in meat dishes, but mostly used with chicken. The spicy flavor is unlike any combination of seasonings found anywhere else on the globe. If you like foods a little on the spicy side, jerk seasoning is just for you. It will be sure to make your taste buds dance! Other spices that are abundant in the area are ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Another type of food that is served as a side to most main courses is rice. Different islands put their own spin on this simple, but delicious side. During your all inclusive Caribbean vacation, be sure to sample the rice that is served with sauces and beans. It is unlike any rice that you have sampled here in the States. We all plan on doing different things on our vacations, but there is one thing that we all do: eat!