The Iranian Crisis and the Right Wing Pundits

A whole host of right wing fountains of knowledge spend their days and nights criticising anything that the Democrats do, and especially what President Obama does. Their latest diatribe has to do with the elections in Iran and the unrest the results, or so-called results have caused.

Of course, these people have always found it rather easy to solve the worlds problems from behind a microphone or TV camera. No matter what it is, the financial crisis, housing, Obama’s visits to foreign countries, these self-appointed experts know exactly what the answer is or how the United States should be represented. Spouting half-baked opinions doesn’t put you in any danger and insures your enormous salaries will continue. God help us if any of these right wing nuts should ever have to make an important policy decision.

Let’s just set right wing versus left wing politics aside for a moment and pretend that you and I are responsible for making a policy decision about the events in Iran. The first thing we should decide is that what happens in Iran is their business not ours. The United States has no right to interfere with the internal politics of another country no matter how distasteful they might be. That includes China, Cuba or a host of other countries where internal politics don’t meet the standards of a democracy. What happens in those countries, and specifically in Iran, is not something over which we have any control.

Now that we know its none of our business what should we do, if anything, regarding the situation. The first thing we should do is to recognize that whichever side wins, that is the side we’re going to have to deal with in the foreseeable future. Therefore, doing anything, anything at all to take sides is stupid. Suppose you support one side and the other side wins? Where does that put you diplomatically other than making it much harder to deal with the winner.

Certainly you can express concern over the treatment that the dissidents are receiving. No government with any sense clubs, tear gasses and shoots their own citizens over a political disagreement. I think we learned that during the 60’s riots in Chicago and at Kent State. And the United States response has been exactly what it should be, to publicly state that we wish those harsh tactics would stop. Anything other than that is interference in a family matter and we have no business going beyond what we have already done.

Of course, if the right wingers had their way, we would already have sunk any future hopes of dealing with Iran if the election results stand as they are, as they probably will. If you were heading up the ruling party in Iran and had most of the government and all of the army on your side what would you do? You use force and stay in power or let the people decide and lose your power. It may not be right, and most of the world thinks it’s wrong, but most of the world isn’t running Iran.

Betting is fine if you are in Vegas or in a casino. You place your bets and you win or you lose. Carelessly betting on the outcome of an election in a county such as Iran will give you a 50/50 chance of winning but if you lose you lose big time and maybe forever. Those who always want confrontations may want to gamble with my safety and the safety of my family but not on my money.