The Innovative Technology Of Your Houston Dentist

{flickr|100|campaign} Gone are the days when people feared taking an appointment from a Houston Dentist and sought every reason to avoid their clinics. Today, visiting them is not just about getting tooth problems fixed; it is more about leading a quality life. Latest 3D software, high-end systems, new laser machines and painless sedatives, the technologies used by a Houston dentist are truly changing the face of modern dentistry.

Earlier, traditional dentistry was the only practicing field that focused on oral hygiene and treated various oral diseases. Today, more and more people are becoming aware of cosmetic dentistry which focuses on enhancing a persons teeth, smile and overall facial appearance. A Houston dentist today is using anything and everything to make the treatment easier, faster, and painless.

Some of the popular dental technologies used by a dentist are:
Innovative CEREC products and system: First used in 1980, CEREC products and integrated CEREC computers are making dental restoration easier and faster than ever. Mostly marketed by Sirona, a leading dental company from Germany, CEREC systems are capable of producing crown in as few as 4 minutes. It not only saves time but also significantly reduces the number of local anesthetics. Almost all Houston dentists are relying on milled ceramic, which is stronger and has longer life.

Digital Imaging: A growing number of Houston dentists are using digital imaging to create a new repair and dental impression. Equipments such as intraoral scanner reads a patients mouth and gathers thousands of data points on computer screen. Digital imaging is used to scan mouth crowns, bridges, gums, implants and other soft tissues.

Digital Radiography: It wont be surprising if you see a Houston dentist using advanced digital radiography, or popularly known as Digital X-ray, for taking advanced and accurate X-ray images of your mouth. It is todays technology and has number of benefits including less exposure to radiation. Moreover, it saves tons of photo films as the images are directly saved on the computers hard drive.

Intraoral camera: Such cameras are used by all dentists and are capable of showing the inside of a patients mouth. The video that it records is seen through computer screen. It is also used for endoscopic diagnosis of dental problems and helps dentists to identify various teeth and gum diseases.

Sonic and ultrasonic Scalers: these tools are gaining popularity among all Houston dentists. These are powered by an air-driven turbine that causes its tips to vibrate. The vibration is made out of magnetostrictive and piezoelectric systems. The use of these tools has made dental procedures far convenient and painless.

Other popular technologies being used today by a Houston dentist include Invisalign, OraVerse, VELscope, and Waterlase.