The Gallery Of Modern Art Has An Exciting New Exhibition

Only a couple of more days to wait and some were lucky enough to get in and take a closer look at the latest exhibit that will be opening at the Gallery of Modern Art on December 18, 2010. The unbelievable GoMA 21st Century exhibition will be in place until March of 2011 and has a lot of distinctive experiences to offer Brisbane residents as well as vacationers from around the world.

This fascinating exhibition is still being set up but you’ll find that this art is more fun than your wildest imagination. Really, one of the most energetic spectacles in place so far is the large double helix projection slide that you can actually slide down. A ride in the center of an art exhibit, well this should bring the children in, in leaps and bounds. This modern art turned amusement park ride was crafted by artist Carsten Holler and is anticipated to be one of the favorite attractions of the exhibit.

Of course this won’t be the first time these slides have been on display and as a matter of fact they have previously toured though Europe. This will however be their first appearance in Australia and even Asia.

The large modern day exhibit is hoped to rekindle the love of art and culture in this region and the hope is that displays which are interactive like this will help to reach a broad spectrum of individuals from various walks of life. Most of the works from this display have been acquired between 2000 and 2010 and will be added with a few contemporary works on loan in addition to some creations by area artists as well.

And how much will you be paying for this amazing one of a kind art experience? The answer is nothing. The GoMA exhibit will be entirely free. If you are enthusiastic about learning more about this unbelievable event then be sure to take a look on the net for further details about this incredible exhibit. The exhibit will include Candice Breitzs portrait of Michael Jackson, more than a picture this is a collaboration of several videos spliced together and fits well into this amazing exhibit as it is an edited video presentation and not just an image.

Be sure to make plans to view this exhibit while it is available in Brisbane. It is free and much fun for the entire family and whether you happen to be into art or just are looking for a way to spend an afternoon away from the heat of the sun this is one exhibit that you wont want to miss.