The Fundamentals of PPC Ad Copy for A Strong Foundation

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by CPXi

The Fundamentals of PPC Ad Copy for A Strong Foundation

Precision is the key to writing effective ad copy for your PPC campaign. If you can get the basics right, then you’ll set up the foundation for long term success with your campaign. The following tips will help you craft good PPC ad copy.

A/B Testing – This step is one of the most important to remember when you run a PPC campaign. You can’t just write one ad copy and depend on it to give you profits; testing is vital for your success. You won’t know what’s actually working if you don’t test out different ad copies. Carrying out proper ad testing is not only about working with different versions of the whole ad, but is also about testing various elements of your ad such as the title, the display Url, the body, etc. Small changes can have a big impact on the overall results, so the simple things matter. For example, if you’re testing one ad copy with capitalization, the other version of it should be minus the capitalization. Testing is what sets the successful PPC ads from the rest so don’t underestimate the importance of testing.

Be Timely: Make sure your ad copy clearly reflects what is available to your readers now. It’s not good for your inventory to run out while your ad campaign is still running. Any time there are any changes, make sure to update your ad copy. By not focusing on this one factor, many advertisers lose lots of money. If your inventory runs out then simply pause the campaign and change your copy; keep it timely. You won’t need to worry about this as much, however, if you’re selling a product that has an unlimited supply such as an eBook.

One thing that often can get attention to your ads is using questions. If your offer involves giving answers or solving a problem, then of course you will want to use that in your ad. For example, if you’re a lawyer advertising his services, you could pose a question like – “Looking for Reputed Lawyer?”, or if you’re running an online auto parts store, you can ask something like, “Need High Quality Auto Parts?”. The magic of asking questions is that you get to attract the attention of your target audience easily.

While PPC advertising is an effective way to drive traffic to your site, you need to focus on improving your copywriting skills to make your PPC campaigns profitable.

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