The first wealth is health calcium deficiency in women


“The company is adorned by the women of good health.” (Anonymous)

Women are naturally the most beautiful creation. But beauty is not a word small. It is the other name for health, peace and contentment. The biggest problem faced by women in the current period is a calcium deficiency that results in Oestomalicia. It is a disease that the result of poor calcium intake or calcium deficiency in the body for any reason. Milk, milk products andThe eggs are the main source of calcium.

Life today is very fast, most women are employed some where. Their task constraints and lack of time, sometimes keeping them away from foods rich in calcium, is the result of a lack of calcium. Another sad idea of milk and its products is that there is an increase in obesity, is a misconception, like milk a complete food. Not improve the chances of obesity if the person drinks Mager / cream free.

OestomaliciaJoints sometimes caused problems because of weak bones. The correct content of calcium is very important for women because their acute suffering, especially during pregnancy and the birth of a child. Medical science has done this, if the mother is a calcium deficiency during pregnancy detected, the butt of the child shall be satisfied by extracting calcium from the bones of the mother, as the bones become weak and brittle. Even if it’s content is not enough bone, will be extractednecessary amount of their teeth and claws that are made of calcium. The end result is a calcium deficiency chaotic. This means that it must have a natural mechanism of realization of calcium for the baby, the mothers, but an external source. E ‘for these reasons that women are affected oestomalicia final.

Women should not be forgotten that their health and their first priority and as Emerson said the first wealth is health.