The Fine Art of Using Reverse Psychology in Winning Back Your Ex

You have heard about people using psychological tactics to win a game or win over people. However, what is reverse psychology and that also, using reverse psychology in winning back your ex? Though initially this may sound a bit overbearing, but if you know the fine art of using it, you can win over many inter-personal conflicts including problems in love relationships.

What exactly is using reverse psychology in winning back your ex? In non-technical language, it means doing things least expected from you. An example would explain this better. After a split, what is your ex expecting you to do? Whatever your personality type may be, he or she expects you to whine and pine; mope and moan; beg and plead. Why? Because this is, what most people do, when faced with a similar situation.

However, when you are using reverse psychology in winning back your ex, you do the opposite. Instead of begging your ex to stay back, you agree to the decision to split! In fact, this attitude can also prevent any dirty parting scenes to take place. You remain calm and declare that a split is the best thing that can happen to this relationship and whatever decision your ex takes in the matter is all right with you.

What is the next step? First, think about what your ex is expecting you to do. Obviously, your ex expects you to send him or her messages, call them up or at least send gifts and cards. You do nothing of the kind. Instead, simply vanish from the scene. Remain untraceable and incommunicado. No mails or messages from neither you – nor any response to attempts that your ex may make to contact you.

What is happening here?

• With your blind agreement to the proposal to split, you are putting some serious doubts in your ex’s head. What are you up to? Is there a second person lined up already? How can a split happen so amicably? This is what happens when you are using reverse psychology in winning back your ex.

• When you vanish from the scene, you are putting your ex in real dilemma regarding your whereabouts. Nevertheless, whatever he or she may be thinking, the only thing that is important to you is that they are thinking about you!

There are several other instances when using reverse psychology in winning back your ex can be extremely effective. These include moving on after a split; enjoying life with friends and family and so on. In short, doing everything, which you are not, supposed to do. A sure way, to set your ex thinking – was it a good idea to leave such a cool soul?

Don’t give up on the love of your life yet. There is still hope! You can reverse the breakup and successfully reunite with your ex lover. Use my professional and personal experience to learn how you can bring the passion back in your relationship.