The Female Hormonal Imbalance


How do our cycles work? For the first 10 to 12 days, only estrogen is being produced. Afterwards, the body will ovulate and make progesterone. In doing so, the hormones are in perfect balance. And for the rest of your years of premenopause, your body will routinely continue to do so, ensuring that you live a happy, carefree and normal life.

But the female hormone imbalance arises from a missed ovulation period. This in turn, causes the fluctuations in our hormone levels. If you have more estrogen in your system, then you have what we call the estrogen dominance. This is where some (if not most) of the perimenopause symptoms stem from – irregular periods, hair loss, memory loss, low libido, mood swings, osteoporosis (in later years), and unexplained weight gain, if only to name a few.

Estrogen and progesterone need each other and should be balanced. Here’s why:

– Estrogen depletes bone density while progesterone invigorates it. A balance of the two hormones will lessen your chances of having osteoporosis in the future.
– Too much estrogen causes headaches and some depression. Progesterone counters that as it is a natural anti-depressant.
– Estrogen dominance causes breast cancer and increases the risk of having endometrial cancer. Progesterone prevents both.
– Estrogen decreases a woman’s sex drive while progesterone brings it back to normal.
– Estrogen puts you at risk of gall bladder infections. Progesterone will counter that.
– Too much estrogen can cause blood clotting. Progesterone normalizes it.
– Estrogen brings about an irregular menstrual cycle. Progesterone counteracts it by regulating the flow, stabilizing your period.
– Fibrocystic breasts (otherwise known as lumpy breasts) are more prominent in an excess of estrogen. Progesterone balances it out to prevent it.
– Estrogen causes a thyroid imbalance while the presence of progesterone maintains a healthy thyroid balance.
– If you want to get pregnant, too much estrogen will put you at a risk of having a miscarriage. Progesterone will thwart that attempt and protect the life of your unborn child as this hormone is necessary for embryo survival.
– Too much estrogen will make you gain weight. Progesterone on the other hand uses that fat and converts it into energy your body can use.

What is the key to feeling better? Many doctors try to treat you with a dose of estrogen, saying that you have estrogen deficiency. Meat and dairy products are also a source of estrogen, so if you’re a carnivore, it makes sense that you don’t need more estrogen. Balance your hormones with natural progesterone. Ask your doctor about it. Try alternative medicine if your mind is open to it, but seek counsel as well from a qualified homeopath.