The Fascination of Finland

When we arrived at Finland, the fist destination is Rovaniemi in Arctic Circle. There is a white goatee granddad’s home – the Santa Claus village. Rovaniemi is so quiet that you can hardly see people in street.

And we would go to a place with few signs of human habitation – Bear’s den restaurant.

Driving for about twenty minutes in the silver birch, we just saw several little wood houses deep in the forest. Two aunts, who were dressed traditionally, wearing smiles on face, led us to sauna house on side just before we got in the wood house. They said that that was to help us drive away the tire of travel.

The Sauna house is an individual wood house in front of which there was a wood plank road leading to the lake. The aunt said that our bags and cloths can be hanged under the eave and absolutely nobody could disturb us .Drop some cold water on the hot stones, steam at once mixed with the flavor of deal is felt.

We repeated doing this for some times, we turned to a refreshing situation, and then we felt hungry. Finn would like to have a good dinner after Sauna. That day, our main meal is salmon. Two or three pieces of salmon were nailed on board, being grilled by fire.

After drinking the strong delicious cream fungus soup (this soup is some salty, it is said that this is to supply the lost salinity), the salmons were got down from the furnace and everyone got one piece with about ten centimeters square. It’s so delicious that we forgot our weight and ate happily with Finland beer.

It is said that this restaurant was a secret villa where president of Finland had interviews with the foreign leaders during the Cold War in the 1960s.

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