The End Of 2009 Season Of Cold Air On Start Brewing Company

Recently, from Oaks The United States, the Gree air-conditioning manufacturers such as informed as cold in 2009

Sell Season’s end, the company is preparing to start the new year’s market drama.

As Financial Crisis, air-conditioning industry as a whole showed declining sales trend, a conservative estimate will exceed domestic sales fell 10%, overseas sales declined more than 20%. But the Oaks, the United States, the Gree sales of large enterprises such as steady upward trend.

Overseas exports last year appear in the whole industry more than 20% fall in the context of several leading companies have achieved domestic sales rising adverse economic momentum, Oaks air conditioning sales rose 36.4% in the United States, and Geli and other enterprises in a difficult environment in a comprehensive way to reverse the momentum slip upgrading.

Oaks Air official said, bucked the market trend of enterprises mainly benefit from the three forces, first of all preemptive force, and the first to carry the “air-conditioning to the countryside,” the banner of universal access in rural markets, obtained a

Appliances to the countryside Market share of the support points. Second, the system development effort, built from the “mass response for the clearance replacement,” “bringing home appliances triple subsidy”, “energy-efficient subsidies Group buy is power” and so on to the surface from the point of systemic

Marketing Activities, from a product, price, and service for joint efforts of many areas has greatly stimulated the end-market demand. Furthermore, is upgrading from

Price war The means to upgrade the value of war and market recycling, and promote social influence Oaks Air Conditioning from the improvement of social reputation, was sagging in the market under the endogenous growth momentum.

In addition, the Oaks to its products into five major product system is divided into frequency, energy efficiency, engineering, rural areas, Guiji. America’s product expertise will be divided into DC frequency, high efficiency, constant frequency, bringing home appliances, engineering business four major product groups. Gree combination of channel inventory, on its products according to market demand, energy efficiency and to sort out, seek to ease start the new year. Industry observers believe that, around the different markets, different marketing strategies and product positioning, will be the company in 2010 to face the new task.

Oaks Air Conditioning responsible frankly, by product classification system can be in the current market environment, the implementation of market segmentation and targeted marketing needs of development, so as to find multiple points of business support.

Recently, the Commerce Department announced this year a? June sales statistics of home appliances to the countryside, the rural market sales continued the pattern of previous big brand leader. Reporter noted that the United States, and Gree, Haier, Oaks four brands accounted for 92% of sales of home appliances to the countryside’s share of air-conditioning. Similarly, in accounting for the sharp increase in sales this year

Inverter air conditioner In the United States, and Hisense, Oaks, and other enterprises retaining its position as top 5 seats. In addition, the Oaks in the promotion of energy efficiency subsidies, the hook of the winning number of energy-efficient ranking, full range of the successful U.S.

Energy Air volume leader.

It is understood that a number of domestic air conditioning companies in recent years has been to promote the strategic transition, looking to maximize the interests of business models. US-based air-conditioning sales, product, multi-fusion social interests, the interests of trying to build across the enterprise integration with national policies emerging business model. The Gree has been pushing for enterprise from marketing to technology innovation and enterprise transformation. Oakes is also actively promoting the value of competitive strategy and business transformation, will become a hot trend into the well-known reputation, the price advantage into overall strength.