The Demise of Public Education

From time to time during my tenure in public education, I have received emails or documents on what might be wrong with American education. Each new idea usually is accompanied with the perfect solution for our educational crisis.

Most recently, I received an email from a good teacher friend of mine, who shared the “Blueberry Story.” Essentially this metaphorical story stresses that, unlike industry and businesses like ice cream manufacturing plants, educational institutions cannot send back a bad batch of blueberries. The schools have to take all the kids with all their limitations, disabilities and dysfunctional family situations. And they have to meet the harsh standards of “No Child Left Behind” with that “batch” of kids. No sending them back.

I responded that I liked the story, but I felt the problems in public education were much worse than just having to work with a diverse group of students with all their problems and distractions. I offered to share my views on American education if she cared to listen. She emailed back that she would like to hear my take on that. So, the following rant is my spin on what is wrong with our schools today.

The demise of public education has been carefully and systematically orchestrated since WWII by those who run our government. These individuals are not necessarily those who make our laws, but rather those who lurk behind the scene to bribe, coerce, lobby, and threaten our governmental officials, Senate, House of Representatives (banker bailout), Department of Education (Rockefeller Foundation), and courts. They are backed by trillions of dollars of stolen money from the American taxpayers. Their power is enormous and their presence is ubiquitous. Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, Garfield, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Kennedy tried to warn us of their ominous and dark presence.

As we can clearly see, even in the mainstream news, not to mention the alternative news sources, that we are moving steadily towards a world government, the treasonous dream of corrupt elite like David Rockefeller, Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg Group, (which incidentally is meeting in secret, with police protection and under media blackout, this week, (June, 09), in Athens Greece to plan the next phase of the swine flu hoax, monetary manipulation of the stock market, forced inoculations, control of the food supply (Codex Alimentarious), and other “conspiracies” to scare the hell out of the public and cripple the U.S. economy and render us into third world status).

However, historically, the ultimate obstacle in our world that blocks this globalist movement by the world elite has been a democratic republic called the United States of America, the last stronghold of democratic ideals, free speech, and a Constitution. It has served as the beacon for liberty around the planet and a thorn in the side for the forces of tyranny. Key to the demise of the U.S., the “globalist” thugs must undermine and compromise our educational system.

And this is exactly what we have been witnessing before our eyes for 40 years. It is no accident that we are on overload with ADHD kids through the effects of vaccines, kids on medication, fluoride in our water supply, kids in gangs, MR kids, dysfunctional families (by design), single parent homes (by design), disenchanted kids, kids turned off to education but turned on the 100 channel TV, video games, cell phones, rap music, drugs, and sex like never before (the Romans called it “bread and circus”). All by design.

Yes, the “Blueberry Story” says it all. We can’t ship them back. We have to somehow address the problem, which in my mind is denial, ignorance, and apathy – rampant and pervasive. Our world ranking in education certainly is evidence for that. And, that too, is by design.