The Birth Control and Acne Connection


What’s the connection between birth control and acne? Hormones. When looking for help for acne, women who are treatment resistant sometimes choose a hormonal acne treatment to eliminate or reduce their acne symptoms. Hormone imbalances are one the most frequent causes of female adult acne.
Hormonal acne treatments work by lowering a certain hormone called androgen – which can stimulate oil glands and cause pimples and acne. Certain birth control pills, like Ortho Tri-Cyclen have been approved by the FDA for mild to moderate acne. However, not all birth control pills will work the same – in fact, some can even aggravate acne.

You should to speak to your doctor about your concerns and your reason for wanting to try hormonal acne treatments and make sure he/she understands your reason for wanting birth control pills. Also, keep in mind that while birth control and acne treatment might be appropriate for some women, there are potential side effects you should know about. The most common side effect weight gain – some women report gaining up to 12 pounds. Smoking increases your risk of blood clots or cancer. Finally, some women experience headaches, fatigue, breast tenderness, mood swings, and abdominal pain.

So how do you know if hormonal acne treatment is right for you? Generally, this type of acne cure treatment is effective for teenage girls and adult women who have been resistant to typical acne treatments like acne antibiotics and other medication. Also there are a few clues your doctor can use to identify if your acne is hormonal related including:

An increase in acne pimples and breakouts
Acne appearing for the first time in adulthood
Excessive or increase hair growth or hair growth in unusual places like on the face or chin

If your doctor determines that you may benefit from birth control and acne treatment he will often recommend a combination treatment that also includes an over the counter acne treatment like acne herbal remedies or some other natural acne solutions for best results.

Hormones and Herbal Acne Treatment

Even if you choose a hormonal acne treatment you need to maximize your results and protect your skin from further damage. The problem is many over-the-counter adult acne treatment products are harsh on the skin, so you should seek out the best natural acne solution — one that’s gentle, yet effective. Look for brands that contain natural herbs. Herbs are effective in treating acne without causing damage to the skin.