The Best Tips To Host An Amazing Finger Food Dinner Party!

The Best Tips To Host An Amazing Finger Food Dinner Party!

It’s always fun to experiment something new. So, this time when you plan to throw a dinner party, consider going for an appetiser dinner party rather than the traditional sit-down dinner. Such a dinner party is inexpensive and can be planned with a stress-free attitude. Read on to know the best tips on how to host an amazing one:

Watch out for dietary restrictions:

Since you are the host, you are going to be responsible for everything that happens at a party. That is why you need to check for any kind of dietary restrictions your guests may have. The very first thing you need to do is make an assortment of finger food recipes that cater to their needs. For instance, make it a point to have vegetarian or gluten-free appetisers for vegetarians or people with gluten sensitivities respectively.

Provide nonalcoholic options:

It’s obvious that not all your guest will prefer to have hard drinks at the party. So, make sure that you provide a variety of nonalcoholic options for nondrinkers and designated drivers. Some of the options include juices, sparkling waters, soft drinks etc.

Pay special attention to the amount:

What amount of finger food you’ll need for the party is more of calculation rather than an estimation. It will actually depend upon the number of guests, the types of appetisers and the time of day. Moreover, it is advisable to always have a little more than what’s required to avoid running out of food. Consider stocking up cold finger foods and the makings for things that can be quickly assembled at the last minute in your refrigerator.

Keep it healthy:

Offering healthy finger foods such as the ones made with fruit or vegetables – raw, cooked, or stuffed, helps keep your party healthy. Also, you can opt for starchy appetiser recipes, such as finger sandwiches, pizza, and dumplings. You can serve meat or fish dishes, such as meatballs, chicken wings, sushi and other protein rich finger food items so that you do not miss out on protein requirements.

Avoid the mess:

It’s better to offer finger foods that aren’t messy or greasy and are easy to pick up quickly.

Offer bite- size desserts:

Bite sized desserts such as cookies, mini brownies, cupcakes, tiny scones can complete your dinner efficaciously. You can consider setting up a mini-buffet of sweet treats.