The Best Tactician Of Italian Politics Who Has No Idea Of His Own Country

Long before it took place within the PDL division between Silvio Berlusconi and Gianfranco Fini, the journalist Enzo Palmesano (pictured), who played from 1972 to 2002 in the ranks of Msi-Dn and then An, grants prints, Aliberti publisher, the work “Gianfranco Fini – challenge to Berlusconi. We reached by telephone in recent days in which his book appears as an important work he has ahead of his time.

Palmes, but what happened in the Italian center-right?

He played one game for the successor to Berlusconi and Fini have lost. When former Alliance leader felt would never be the new head of the center has implemented a guerrilla war with no holds barred, fully reciprocated by the overwhelming forces Berlusconi. Fini has always felt obliged him to be the leader, the genuine political. For many years – pending the hoped-for inheritance – and all voted the opposite of everything, pretending not to see the mammoth conflict of interest Berluconi, giving the green light to all laws ad personam. The center, a legitimate desire to send home Berlusconi, in turn a blind eye to Fini, but judging by the polls the voters are not enchanted by the “new” Fini, whose maneuvers know a lot of old politics, of the Palace, Berlusconi Berlusconi without and without the support of moderate social bloc, who chose Knight considering it a lesser evil, an anti-communist and anti-left.

You know well the internal dynamics of the party of Gianfranco Fini, because once you have been part of past history with what was called “the amendment Palmesano”, a document with which he condemned anti-Semitism el’antiebraismo. How did it end?

For me it ended very badly: at the congress in Fiuggi, 27 January 1995, with the approval of my document condemning anti-Semitism, and of anti-racist laws, the party of Fini anti-Semites all disappeared, all ‘ sudden, but the anti-Palmesano became an army. People with whom I had been in politics for decades, I took the salute. It was my total annihilation policy can work, as my journalistic activity had taken place mainly within the Msi-Dn and An. An drew the consequence that really did not want to exit the tunnel of fascism.

Not surprisingly, Fini has never wanted to remove the heat from the fascist party symbol, in a contemptuous response to my proposal. Fought two irreconcilable visions: the mine’s exit line from the neo-fascism, by coming to terms with history, and the opposite of continuity with the neo-fascism. It had to end badly for strength against me, against the ‘jew Palmesano. It ‘was very hard: I had to create another life, another story, painstakingly build me another destiny.

You wrote this book long before the divorce between Silvio Berlusconi and Gianfranco Fini, why?
I would never have written this book about Fini, had no literary urgency, I was instead engaged in a complex work of investigative journalism on the Camorra in the province of Caserta. The book was written solely for the polite insistence of the publisher Francesco Aliberti to the effect that – her goodness – just so I could write a text on Fini, the merit is his. It took me a deep understanding of the “case Fini.” We knew that it would end like this, with the clash Berlusconi-Fini, many years ago, as I tried to explain in my book. There is a logic in all things, as someone who has read Descartes, Machiavelli and Mickey Mouse.

We will now Gianfranco Fini, because it defines its “imaginary fascism”?
It ‘s a long story. But in summary we can say that the MSI-DN, and An, when he could no longer be supported neo-fascist position, he was tempted to say that there is another fascism, not that of the dictatorship and anti-Semitism. But fascism was only a different and more “fascist imagery,” a romantic illusion and our youth, had never existed in historical reality. Fini did not want to ever deal with real fascism and then put himself in motion the “fascist imaginary.” I understand that, but wrong. This “imaginary fascism” for many years given meaning to my life, but it was a mistake, a false history.