The Best of French Cuisine during Holidays in Dorset


When setting up your family holidays, make sure that you include in the long list the restaurants thriving near your Dorset holiday cottages. Fun-packed day-outs with activities here and there will surely leave your stomach empty. Before going back to your holiday cottages, you may want to try out some great restaurants near Dorset holiday cottages. According to those who have enjoyed their stay in one of the Dorset holiday cottages, the city has several fine restaurants for family looking for intimate dining experience. Driving over to the heart Dorset to enjoy some fine cuisine during your is definitely worth the try and easy while in one of the holiday cottages.

French cuisine is one of the favourites of both locals and tourists alike. Here are some recommendations you may want to try. Do not worry, these restaurants are ideally located near your holiday cottages.

The Le Petit Canard

If you are craving for authentic French taste, Le Petit Canard is a great restaurant to try. Le Petit Canard is located within close proximity to your Dorset holiday cottages. It can be found exactly in the village of Maiden Newton, just 8 miles west from the beautiful Dorchester. It was built a decade ago and has firmly established its reputation for serving only the finest French dishes in town. The restaurant uses only the best and freshest ingredients from Dorset. This is also the reason why food here is delectable and of high quality. You can take your whole family to Le Petit canard for a nice dinner from Tuesdays to Saturdays and for lunch only on the 1st and 3rd Sunday. A two-course dinner is priced at ₤30, while a three-course dinner will cost you around ₤40. Their specialties that you should not miss out on are the following: Grilled goat’s cheese with caramelised red onions, Roasted duck leg with ginger glaze and an orange, Griottine cherry crème brulee and Escalopes of pork tenderloin to name just a few. You can enjoy a Sunday lunch at this restaurant before going back to the comforts of your holiday cottages.

The La Fleur de Lys

While enjoying the extravagance of the Dorset holiday cottages with your family or friends, you might want to tag them along and treat them to a sumptuous dibber at La Fleur de Lys. La Fleur de Lys is unswerving to giving you an unforgettable dreamy dinner in French style. The restaurant is located in Shaftsbury and is not very far from your holiday cottage, so you would have no problem reaching the place. La Fleur de Lys has been in the food business for over 19 years and has built a strong reputation and solid following. The restaurant is open for dinner Monday to Saturday 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.