The Best Information Technology Salary Jobs

.tags Careers in information technology are often high-paying because they require professionals to have the most up-to-date knowledge of new technology. While information technology salary can vary greatly depending on the particular area that you work in, most IT jobs are accompanied by a hefty paycheck. Holding an advanced degree in IT can help to increase the potential of your information technology salary. Let’s take a look at some of the top-paying IT careers:

Computer Programmer: These professionals work with software engineers to develop language that a computer understands. Programmers write instructions in complex computer languages, such as C and C+, which enable a computer to operate properly. Talented programmers often advance to become software engineers.

Median Annual Salary: $ 69,629

Middle 50 Percent of the Field: $ 67,790 to $ 104,870

Top 10 Percent of the Field: $ 111,450

Computer Software Engineer: Like programmers, computer software engineers work to help computers function, but instead of writing the instructions, they develop software that can be read by a computer. Applications engineers design individual programs and system engineers work to synchronize and optimize software systems, such as those used by a business.

Median Annual Salary: $ 85,430

Middle 50 Percent of the Field: $ 52,640 to $ 89,720

Top 10 Percent of the Field: $ 128,870

IT Security: Professionals working in IT security focus on a relatively new issue- cyber-crime. Career opportunities in IT security vary greatly, and professionals in the field often work for federal and state agencies as investigators, but many other are employed by private organizations. Work in security requires an employee to be well-versed in detecting, preventing, and combatting cyber-crime.

Median Annual Salary: $ 66,310

Middle 50 Percent of the Field: $ 51,690 to $ 84,110

Top 10 Percent of the Field: $ 104,070

If you enjoy learning about and using the latest forms of technology, a career in IT might be a great fit. As you can see, the potential to earn a highinformation technology salary is possible in many different areas of the IT field. Earning a college degree will not only help you find a higher salary, but will also provide the credentials necessary to qualify you for top positions in your field.