The Best Gourmet Bakery Pastries In North America Delivered To Your Door


Gourmet bakery pastries which are easy to make, and don’t require an armload of expensive ingredients seem like a dream come true. Fortunately, there is no pinching required where Sticky Fingers Bakeries are concerned. Sticky Fingers Bakeries sell gourmet, ready-made mixes of bakery pastries, muffins, scones and brownies. Providing their gourmet bakery pastries to individual bakers, wholesale to restaurants and cafes, plus a long list of retail carriers, everyone has been enjoying Sticky Fingers fine gourmet bakery pastries since 1987.

Bakery Pastries that can be Baked Anytime, for Anyone

Ready-made mixes of bakery pastries from Sticky Fingers Bakeries only require water, stirring and oven time. The entire line of wholesome bakery pastries, contain all-natural ingredients, no artificial flavors and preservatives, and no Trans or saturated fats. This is a line of bakery pastries which are perfect for any baking use from cooking with children, to café owners looking to cut costs and time in the kitchen. Whether you are baking with the little ones, or a crowd of hungry customers, you can be assured that you are serving a healthy, and quality baked good. These yummy bakery pastries always guarantee pleas and demands for second helpings.

An Impressive Line-Up of Bakery Pastries

Just try to choose only one of Sticky Fingers bakery pastries. The selection of muffins, brownies, scones and Irish soda bread mixes are so varied in flavour combinations that the palate will beg to sample and savor each and every one of them. Take advantage of regular discounts on online sales to sink your teeth into something sweet or savoury. Sticky Fingers has products suitable for: breakfast, lunch, dinner, teatime and dessert. Anytime is Sticky Fingers time! If the sweet tooth is calling, try one of three decadent chocolate brownie mixes: chocolate fudge, mint chocolate chip or espresso fudge. Bakery pastries don’t stop at sweets. The ready-made premium Irish soda bread contains a nutty, fruity flavour and a crumbly texture. Brimming with plump seedless raisins, caraway seeds and healthy whole oats, Irish soda bread completes a dinner along side a savoury soup and dark ale. It is the perfect pub night supper to treat friends or customers.

Bakery Pastries, Muffins and Scones, Oh My!

The seemingly never ending line up of bakery pastries continues with four flavours of muffin mixes, and fourteen choices of scones. In addition to unique seasonal varieties which will embody the very essence of the holiday you celebrate. Sticky Fingers Bakeries do not stop with their line of bakery pastries, they also offer a fantastic selection of: jams, jellies, curds and fruit butter to spread on scones and muffins. Their tomatillo pepper jelly with fire roasted jalapeno works wonders in breakfast omelets, burritos, grilled meat and vegetables.

Sticky Fingers bakery pastries are scrumptious and decadent, without any unhealthy additives. Best of all, all of these delicious bakery pastries can be ordered online and delivered right to your door. Visit StickyFingersBakeries to view the wide and wonderful selection of premium English ready-made bakery pastries mixes.