The Average Size Woman in Summer 2009 is a “14”


The average size Woman of the Summer 2009 is a “14”. Wow, what a difference from all of the previous years of a size 6 or a 2 being the acceptable average size. With more that 62 Million women averaging a size 14 and up, the topics of conversation have drastically changed. The topic of being to fat or the term obese is now being seriously discussed and targeted to enlighten women on how to deal with this current epidemic.

There are now great tips on how to start to lose weight and get healthy so that you will not have to deal with the health risks that come with being overweight. Especially in women that are 20lbs or more overweight, they are at higher risks for diabetes and heart attacks, as well as certain types of cancer.

Being a size “14” in the Summer of 2009 also has it advantages. They are now bringing to light that this is real and most women are now a larger size then they were a few years ago. There fore the comfort zone of the general public broadens an the dating scenes are now a whole new ball game. The women that lacked self esteem and confidence are now very vibrant and self confident and not afraid to get out there and start their lives rolling again. The fashion magazines are now catering to the larger women, and in case you haven’t noticed The Bachelor show in now showing you that a size 14 is a very normal size as well.

Regardless whether you believe that bigger is beautiful or not, it is exactly what is going on today in this current day and age. It is an acceptable way of life and there is a lot of accepting people out there. Not, that there wasn’t before, and thank god for them. But seriously there were more people that would stop and stare or pass judgment because you were not the perfect little princess that wears a size 2 that they recently admired in the new Vogue magazine. I think that this type of awareness is great and that now those ever judging individuals will stop and think before they speak. I for one am very happy that this awareness is going on and can’t wait to see what else the media and television trends will bring about this year.

They do so many reality programs on television; why haven’t they come up with a magazine of today’s woman. It could cover anything from the newest and latest cooking invention to the best fitting jeans for the average size women. Just a thought but a good one at that!