The Art Of Richard Serra, Why Are Richard Serra Prints So Rare? And Why Is His Work So Well Received

.tags The art of Richard Serra tells stories from his youth, and from his adulthood. Their deep meanings and sometimes awe inspiring scale, has lead to his nature as being a very accomplished and world-renowned American artist and sculpture.

Even nowyears after his most humble beginnings, collectors still scramble for Richard Serra prints, and his original works are more rare than ever. But what makes his art so good? What gives his art the insight that other artists struggle to represent? And why is his art so well received?

Upon the examination many of his early works and a large variety of Richard Serra prints I’ve decided to explore various museums in order to better understand the direction and motivation of this extremely influential artist.

The first is the framing. Unlike other artistsSerra has described one of his biggest issues with many museums is the residence of his works in a room. He describes how the location, and actual room is of the most important when it comes to the tonnage and interpretation of the work. Though a subtle detailit may be one factor that his work is so positively stunning, and why collectors so fervently collect Richard Serra prints.

Now what of his sculpture? Serra’s sculpture work ranges from the abstract, to the strange to the absolutely awe striking. His steel work despite being massive in scaleis definitely minimalist. He deals greatly with supreme forms, cast in various metallic alloys such as copper, steal or lead.

One of his first, and most famous worksis Tilted Arc, which was a massive installation piece in the Federal Plaza of New York City. This piece was originally placed in 1981and stood there for eight years before being voted to be removed. Serra was quoted as saying, “To remove the work is to destroy it.” He felt that this specific work, and many of his work was site-specific. This is definitely something to keep in mind as we examine why Serra’s work is so successful. His sculpture not only focuses on the object of creation, but the setting and environment to which it is placed. The extreme focus and thought that goes into that is great reason alone Richard Serra Prints and replications are so sought after today.

Another reason Serra is so often admired by many artists was his courage to be able to make harsh political commentaries through his art. In 2006, Serra revealed a simple lithographic workthat depicted a torn, and almost agonized Abu Ghraib prisoner with a very simple caption and mantra to go with the picture, “STOP BUSH.” Ultimately this image was featured on various posters during the following elections, but a great deal is said simply by looking at this workwhich dares to challenge even the president. But his politically charged work doesn’t end thereSerra also created a spin on one of the Old Masters works. He used Goya, and the classic Saturn Devouring His Sonexcept portrayed Saturn with the head of George Bush as opposed to Saturn. The extreme commentary held by this work does not need to be explained. But what needs to be taken is the true brazen and fearless nature of Serra’s workthat draws in so many viewers and admirers alike. Both these pieces, available in the form of Richard Serra prints are especially rare to find with signatures, and if available should no doubt be obtained.