The $50 a Day Auction Challenge


Many people are using eBay as a means to earn some much needed extra cash. However getting started with selling stuff on eBay might not seem so simple as one think especially when a person runs out of stuff and ideas of what to sell. Whether a person wants to get started or looking for some fresh ideas The $ 50 A Day Auction Challenge ebook claims to offer a person step by step guidance in achieving success on eBay. This ebook also claims to be perfect for people that are tired of drop shipping schemes, wholesale guides and other systems that don’t deliver any results.

No claims are being made by The $ 50 A Day Auction Challenge of instantaneous wealth and overwhelming richness, in fact it is made quite clear that any person implementing this system must be prepared to put in some hard work and effort. The ebook claims to provide a person with a simple strategy and no further outlay or expenses is required. This home based business system claims to have unlimited potential and can even lead to a person having some form of financial freedom.

The $ 50 A Day Auction Challenge ebook is the brainchild of Steve Poke. He started off making some money on eBay but soon ran out of products to sell although he saw the potential of selling items on eBay. Another problem he faced was the fact that the competition was very stiff as the next guy was able to sell the same product cheaper than he was able to. In 2008 he discovered a method whereby he could sell a product that cost him next to nothing but he was able to sell it for a substantial profit. The question on everybody’s lips is obvious why Steve would sell the system but he claims that the potential is so vast that he does not feel threatened by any competition. Two further ebooks, “unlocking the secrets to eBay profits” and “fire your day job” forms part of the bonuses included in the package. The product consists of an ebook and ten instructional videos.

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