Technology & Products: What Is Digital Paper


What is the number Paper (DPaper)? Digital technology is to build the line with the traditional paper technology platform for the application of the traditional paper-based e-. Digital paper technology enables the use of the original paper-based practices, systems and regulations, work methods can be a smooth transition to digital form, to promote the information provided key technical support.

Digital paper technology at least has the following characteristics: strong enough to describe the ability of the layout, anything that can be printed on paper can be said: in a different computer environment can keep the same page: the content can not be any action has been tampered with: not Severability, the official seal of the document and can not be split off from the re-use elsewhere. It also has metadata, navigation, automatic Guidance, hyperlinks, embedded information security features such as enhanced digital, and digital technology are shared with a small footprint, easy retrieval, unlimited transmission distance without distortion reproduction, transmission is almost zero memory copy costs, processing time is almost zero and other characteristics.

One can simulate the characteristics of paper, while for the various applications used by the common technology platform, information technology has become a key technology, which is the digital paper technology can achieve. It is IT Industry, an emerging core technology development in the future to similar industries with a high degree of database technology, leveraging billions of dollars and a huge market of key technologies.

1993, the world’s largest maker of desktop software, Adobe introduced PDF technology, the world’s first launch of digital paper technologies. Just two years later, the company also developed the Beijing scholar of China’s own digital paper technology-SEP technology. The gap between the last two years alone, this may be the history of the Chinese IT industry, advanced technology and major foreign smallest gap.

Scholars launched a “SEP digital paper technology” is the first independent intellectual property rights of digital paper technology, the overall technology reached the international advanced level, globally competitive; in DRM, Chinese language processing and digitization of paper documents and other important areas to the world leading level, and, in Electronic Seal technology, electronic forms technology, page description technology, Chinese font intelligent matching technology, virtual printing technology, search and browse technology, and also have more innovation. After nearly a decade of effort, a scholar of the “SEP digital paper technology” in the field of e-government and digital books have been successfully used by millions of users all over the country every province (except Taiwan), every city, about 90% of County and more than 20 countries overseas, total about 10 million kinds of electronic government documents dealing with a scholar of the SEP technique, scholars users send and receive an average of 10 per second, electronic documents, to store digital documents SEP technology up to 80 million, while the student numbers book readers more than 300 million people. Although these figures

paper technology compared to the thousands of tons per year for the traditional paper application is still the drop in the bucket, but it means that the number of paper applications in a number of areas ripe. As a sophisticated technology, digital paper, the value of technology is self-evident, and its development “end” of traditional paper will just takes time.

We know that relying on information technology in three forms (structured data, written information and streaming media, database), one of the Oracle database system has now become the world’s third largest software company. Whether economic or social benefits, both set a remarkable performance. With the continuous development of IT technology, the information will enter the field of unstructured data is a trend. Therefore, the number of papers dealing with written information technologies will also be another set of information technology mainstream. Because almost all paper-based application can use the technology to do digital transformation.

Therefore, another information technology as the core technology, digital paper and related technologies will bring about profound human impact of the traditional paper applications, will directly drive a huge industry. Thereby promoting the development of relevant industry chain. Such as: the publishing industry, a variety of e-government, ERP, OA, MIS applications, library and information industry, knowledge management, data mining, printers, scanners, digital cameras, mass storage devices, display devices, PDA, Tablet PC, smart phone and so on.