Technology and Promotional Products


Profitability is the measure of the success of a business. A business can only be successful if there is brand recognition which is developed through advertisement. As we become a more technologically savvy world, print and radio ads are becoming less pervasive. As people become more and more busy, they ignore these forms of advertisement. It becomes harder for businesses to draw attention to their products or services. Combine the latest technology with carefully selected promotional products and your company will rise far above your competitors.

The newest entry into advertising is the corporate blog. This is not to be confused with businesses that set up blogs fraudulently posing as individuals and then proceed to promote their company. A corporate blog identifies itself as a company whose goal it to enhance communication internally and externally. The internal segment is the corporate culture or the employees; it is important to keep the lines of communication open within a company. The external segment is the mass public. A corporate blog is a website that gives regular commentary of their products and/or services. For example, if a company has improved on a product in a specific way, the corporate blog can announce this. Likewise, if the company gained recognition due to its sales or its commitment to the environment, that too can be touted on the corporate blog. It also is an outstanding way to increase interest and forge new associations.

Another method to utilize when considering market exposure is the podcast ad. It is a process of record the audio using specific systems such as Mixcraft or GarageBand, labeling the audio, attaching album art, and saving the file on your computer desktop. The podcast is then advertised. A podcast will increase your company’s audience exponentially.

While trying the innovative approaches, it is important to utilize the effectiveness of promotional products. The free sample is still very much appreciated. Whether it is a pen with the company name and phone number, or a free umbrella with bright graphics and the company’s name and website address, this part of marketing should not be overlooked. The company and the brand become more high profile which leads to brand recognition. Brand recognition in turn increases sales. It is effective.

Technology can be used to compliment a marketing strategy. The combination of proven methods integrated with technological methods is a winning strategy for increased sales.