Targeted Cover Letters

Why should you spend the time writing a targeted cover letter for every position? Imagine being employer, who gets up to a thousand resumes for every position he lists.

The employer will quickly weed out the resumes and cover letters that are not perfect. So how do you create a cover letter that makes the cut? Since employers won’t even consider a candidate they cannot see is qualified at first glance, that first glance on your letter is your only chance to make it to the second round.

It is easier to just send the same letter to every employer, but if you don’t invest the time in writing specific cover letters you’re probably not going to get the interview, regardless of your qualifications.


This takes time and effort, but it is worth it. Look at the job ad and make a list of the criteria that the employer is looking for, and make sure to make your cover letter reflect this. Here is an example:

Job Posting: FITNESS CENTER CAFETERIA MANAGER. Conduct, oversee snack sales. Generate and maintain reports, perform accounting activities related to cafeteria revenue, oversee operations. Requires customer service skills and accounting experience.

Cover Letter Example 1: Paragraph

As Front desk assistant for the Previous Company I was responsible for customer service, serving snacks, and generating and maintaining cafeteria reports. In addition, I maintained records and accounting reports for all cafeteria transactions.

Cover Letter Example 2: List

Cafeteria Manager Requirements:

Conduct, oversee snack sales.
Generate and maintain reports, perform accounting activities
Customer service skills and accounting experience

My Skills and Experience:

Cafeteria management including snack sales, maintenance of records
Maintain and generate reports
Cafeteria accounting transaction and reporting
Customer service, seating, and ticketing patrons

Here the applicant has written in detail why he is qualified for position. He has specifically addressed and the job ad. That way the employer knows exactly why he is qualified for the position. This will allow him to pass the first screening and be considered for an interview.