Taking a Look at Golf Course Costs


Whilst most golfers automatically assume that the main cost relates to the purchase of equipment. The reality is that there a lot of other costs that are present for people that are serious about playing golf. One of the biggest costs that automatically comes to mind is the price of entry to many of the top UK golf courses.

Golf courses range in quality and of course, the price that golf players have to pay to enter also fluctuates. Generally a good golf course will not charge any less than £40, where as the more popular courses can charge anything up to around £200. Now that might be a shock to a lot of people that are trying to get into golf – it certainly is not as cheap as it looks from the outside looking in.

Luckily there are a few ways to reduce the cost of golf. When purchasing equipment, there are simple ways to reduce spending and that is to shop around. Look for good quality used equipment, or find online retailers that are offering some great deals.

When it comes to reducing golf course costs, it might seem slightly harder. A lot of courses have fixed rates and will only reduce those rates if there is a huge party of people arriving. In fact, this is what they suggest, but huge savings can be had by visiting a course with just ONE of your friends.

There are websites online now that specialise in giving golfers the savings that they deserve. What they tend to offer nowadays is a token that allows two people to enter for the price of one. Effectively, if the two people split the cost, then they both would be receiving a huge 50% discount on their day out.

On a course that costs £40 each to enter, they would save just £20. That doesn’t seem like a huge amount, but it is a start. Bearing that in mind, a course that costs £200 to enter would save each person a massive £100 per day. It is easy to see how the savings can accumulate and a golfer can save in excess of £1,000 throughout the space of a year!

The great thing is a lot of these companies are offering vouchers that do not expire for at least 12 months. This means they would be the perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas, allowing you and another golfer to visit the best UK golf courses at half the price you would usually pay.

Golf vouchers could be the perfect gift for a birthday, fathers day or Christmas, or simply to enjoy cheap golf games with a friend