Symptoms of a yeast infection during pregnancy


You know you’re pregnant when you start missing your period, feel breathless, nauseated and itchy. Does itchiness fall under the category? When you’re pregnant, you’re home to a lovely baby and sometimes, a dreaded fungus. Of course, not all pregnant women get yeast infection; but this ailment is so common that many people think of it as a symptom of pregnancy.

Why should it affect pregnant women more?
High estrogen levels may be cause for the fungus to spread and cause yeast infection. When a woman is pregnant, there are lots of hormonal structure changes in her body and sugar is let out of the body. Yeast infection can happen due to any of these reasons. Women in their second trimester are more vulnerable.Second trimester is the time when this happens most.

What accompanies this ailment?
Yeast infection is usually accompanied by itchiness, flaky skin, inflammation of vulva, irritation while passing urine and a white discharge. These indicators, however point to many illnesses; so it’s advisable to take medical advice to confirm the diagnosis.

Effects of yeast infection
Yeast infection is rarely lethal; but a baby born to a mother who’s infected may contract this ailment and be a victim of oral thrush. This in turn spreads to the nipple of breastfeeding moms and make breastfeeding a painful experience.

Prevention methods
Avoid consuming antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. The infection gets worse because of silk underwear and clothes that are too tight. These should be avoided as much as possible. Yeast infection can be controlled by just stopping the excessive breeding of internal fungus in the body.

How to cure it?
There are plenty of ways to treat this ailment; you just have to take care it doesn’t recur. Even a topical antifungal cream can do the trick. Just apply this for a week to get rid of yeast infection. Your diet should consist of yogurt and healthy vegetables while keeping out sugar, mushrooms, alcohol and yeast friendly food items. Yeast infection can also be treated naturally; however, checking with a doctor before opting for these courses is ideal.
If you have symptoms of a yeast infection, you definitely should you apply a powerful yeast infection treatment.

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