Sweet Potato


Now is the season of sweet potato. In the dry autumn and winter, a bowl of porridge with sweet potato benefits our body health a lot. Then, eating sweet potato moderately is helpful for reducing weight. But we cannot rely on eating sweet potato to lose weight; our bodies need balanced nutrition. No matter what food, we all want reasonable consumption.


From the perspective of losing weight, the greatest help of sweet potato is: because it contains more food fiber, which can stimulate bowels effectively, and promote defecation. But even so, we also cannot rely on eating sweet potato to reduce weight, because of the sweet potato oxidase containing an enzyme easily in the intestines, of co2 gas. Eating more easily result to abdominal distension. The sweet potato content is high, so eating more easily lead to upset stomach and vomiting acid water.


Eating sweet potato does not put on body weight, and we need balanced nutrition. Sweet potato is a basic food, not like many fruits and green vegetables, it is most rare. The general food is acidic, such as grain, poultry meat, etc., and the body’s PH value of 7.34, so it can help the body to keep acid-base balance. While eating sweet potatoes can lower blood cholesterol, prevent sub-health and cardiovascular disease and other “modern disease.”

Do you want to know how to eat sweet potato is more nutritious? First, we should avoid eating raw sweet potato. Many people in the South like to eat raw sweet potatoes. Sweet potato contains high Starch Content and, more difficult to digest if eaten raw, cooked the best food. Heated to high temperatures also allow digestible soluble fiber, so that shorter sugar chains, increased sweet potato sweet. Second, avoid eating alone. Eating sweet potatoes should be compatible with the other cereals. One to eat, then because of lower protein content will lead to unbalanced nutritional intake. Therefore, SFYH.com advises that the traditional sweet potato cut into the blocks, and rice porridge is more scientific.