Supply Collapsible Koozies In Support Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month


As many people both survivors and also families, October is actually breast cancer awareness month.There will be quite a few functions, fundraisers and also awareness conventions. Frequently there will be the need for give away things at these activities. We have an excellent suggestion to be used as a giveaway which can be used two ways. We are referring to creating customized koozies for water wine bottles, or canned beverages.

For the some people that have never heard the term koozie, it is nearly a sure fire wager you have seen them, but perhaps known as something else. You could have heard them referred to as; cozys can coolers, stubby holder, beer hugger and more. The koozie was created in order to insulate a processed beverage, and at that time that was any beer can. Today however they are used for most different forms associated with beverage container.

Considering that the color is associated with breast cancer attention is pink, you can create either purchase foam koozies inside pink, with a more dark pink ribbon picture placed on that. Create a commercial or just put the date. If you are producing your giveaway for a certain family for your walkathon fund raiser, you could place the team name around the koozies as well.

Whenever ordering koozies, the supplier will the majority of always have the absolute minimum order amount, but most shops it is a bit. The more you may order generally the less the cost. On these products there is space for images as well as text on the top side as well as the back again side. A koozie can have images screen printed on them, as well as numerous variations of textual content styles (fonts). The majority of online vendors will allow for custom-made images to be positioned on them.

The koozies come in an amazing array colors, fabrics, sizes and styles. If your are merely ordering for your group and you want to obtain all bottle koozies, then you would choose your style, colour and then start adding your photos and text.

Koozies offer transportability and so are small and on the way of carry. You may even want to create a big variety of them and sell as a fundraiser to raise resources for awareness and also a cure for cancers of the breast. You should also be advised that the a lot more you order, the less the expense per item. A person may be able to get a customized koozie, in pink, with your red ribbon, and date as well as the rear with a great saying for less than .45¢ each. Subsequently you could market these with a nice bottle of water or juice regarding upwards of $ 10. Huge profit!