Students To Form National Association For T, To Rope In Arundhati Roy

.tags In order to seek wider recognition for their movement, students across the country who are in favour of creation of smaller states have decided to rope in activist Arundhati Roy to champion the Telangana cause.

A decision to this effect is likely to be taken when students from about 70 universities across the country will meet to discuss the Telangana cause on the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus in New Delhi on Friday. The meeting is meant to forge an all India students’ solidarity alliance for Telangana under the aegis of Delhi Students Union, an umbrella of extreme left organisations.

On Tuesday, 40 representatives from the universities in Telangana which included Osmania, HCU, Eflu, Satavahana, Mahatma Gandhi, Telangana and Palamuru universities landed here to take part in the meeting. Representatives from other universities from the Andhra region, too, are expected to participate in the event, said JAC leaders from Osmania University.

“Telangana supporters in JNU have taken the lead to form an all India solidarity alliance for a separate Telangana state. Members of faculty as well as intellectuals are expected to take part in the meeting,” Gurram Sitaram, a doctoral fellow from Eflu, told TOI from Delhi.

According to Sitaram, the Telangana students will meet the leaders of all the national parties and intellectuals to seek their support for the formation of Telangana. “Non-party intellectuals such as Swami Agnivesh are already with the Telangana movement. Now, we want to rope in activists such as Arundhati Roy into the movement as the Booker prize winner has always been with the people’s movement,” Sitaram said.

Sitaram said the team would publicise as to how hundreds of students sacrificed their lives in protest against the delay in the formation of the separate state. “The recent Telangana movement was unique as the students took control of the movement. Hundreds of students died in the movement since they were upset that Telangana was not becoming a reality. We want to narrate the breadth and width of the people’s commitment to the people and intellectuals of Delhi,” Sitaram said.

Source: [Times of India]