Stop Anxiety Attacks | How To Stop Anxiety Attacks In 3 Very Easy Steps

Anxiety attacks are a sudden burst of fear and terror all rolled into one, they can strike anyone, at any time and usually come without warning. Knowing how to stop anxiety attacks is extremely important. The symptoms of an episode hit so quick most sufferers often believe they are having a heart attack, that is why 1 of the first things you should be taught in any therapy is how to stop anxiety attacks in their tracks. Below I am going to show you how to stop an attack in 3 real easy steps.

How To Stop Anxiety Attacks Step #1 – Calm Your Self Down

When you initially feel an attack manifesting you need to take action to calm your self down and focus on your breathing. Take long slow, and deep breaths by inhaling through the nose, and exhaling through the mouth. Deep breathing helps slow the adrenaline down and gives the brain a chance to help relax you. This is a FACT

How To Stop Anxiety Attacks Step #2 – Reassure yourself that you are ok and this will not kill you.

After your breathing is under control you should say to yourself “it’s just an anxiety attack, I know that everything is going to be okay” you really need to convince yourself that your ok and stay positive, negative thought will only add fuel to the fire and make things worse.

How To Stop A Panic Attack Step #3 – Identify What Caused It And Then Work Your Way through The Situation.

Once the cause has been identified you then need be rational and think about what triggered it and why it made you so afraid. After that take action to eliminate this from happening again. Anxiety attacks are totally irrational fears that gets blown out of proportion, taking a step back and looking at things objectively will help you understand it better. Complete understanding of an episode and the fear will then take the power away from an attack.

So now you have it, you have just learned a very easy 3 steps action plan to stop anxiety attacks.
Taking action gives you the power to shut down the fear, so are you ready to learn how to control an anxiety attack?