Speed Bumps in Obamaland? No Problemo!


I had always thought speed bumps were those annoying little, raised concrete things on semi-private roads designed to slow traffic or to break an axle or two if drivers hit them going 50 mph or more.

However, it seems in the new D.C. Doublespeak a speed bump can now refer to a prodigious obstacle for Democratic politicians which is reinterpreted to mean an inconsequential road pimple.

Not too long ago, speed-bumpy charges of “nannygate-ism” sank two of Bill Clinton’s female candidates for attorney general and we ended up with the Democrat answer to British woman wrestler, Pandora Boxxx, none other than Janet Reno, the other Waco wacko.

More recently, we have witnessed Obama’s nominee to run the Commerce Department, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, get derailed by accusations of sticky fingers in awarding contracts in the Land of Enchantment.

The Richardson withdrawal was followed by various other blips in the new administration such as Obama flipflops on banned lobbyists. There shalt be no such people working for me, proclaimed the president! Yet they miraculously became un-banned and not problematic under certain circumstances.

Then came the most ironic speed bump in the history of administrations, which was skillfully graded until the road was as smooth as a superhighway.

Of all people, Treasury Secretary-designate Timothy Geithner had failed to pay his taxes while working at the IMF and earlier. This is Obama’s money man, the boy genius who would fix our dying economy but who could not figure that he too was supposed to pay his taxes. It’s unclear at this point whether Tim is related to the Queen of Mean, the late Leona Helmsley who also believed only the little people paid taxes.

As with lobbyists, all Tim’s dirt became acceptable to our Democratic congress. As Ralph Kramden would say, it was all “a mere bag of shells,” simply oversights and honest mistakes which Democrats poohpoohed before confirming him. After all, he did apologize and he paid up, didn’t he?

Yes, he did, in the amount of $ 34,000, after he was caught.

So we have an admitted tax cheat now installed as Secretary of the Treasury, the man who would make sure the hoi polloi paid their taxes. Word is, apologies will not be acceptable on April 15th.

Obama’s pick as Health and Human Services Secretary, former Senate (Democratic) Majority Leader, Tom Daschle, hit the Mother of All Bumps, $ 184,000 worth of unpaid taxes on a free limo and driver plus consulting fees Tom was paid and forgot about. This was in addition to cheating on his taxes by claiming $ 15,000 for non-qualifying charitable contributions.

He, like Geithner, only realized his financial shenanigans after being chosen by Obama for HHS head. It’s amazing how the political nominating and vetting process work: Once a guy learns he’s on the short list for a plum job, he gets religion or, at least, gets nervous and pays his overdue dues.

Daschle hasn’t done too shabbily since the people of South Dakota woke up and threw him out in 2004. In the interim, he hasn’t been a lobbyist per se but his wife Linda Hall sure has been. She happens to be one of Washington’s premiere advocates, mainly for various players in the aviation industry.

On February 3, Tom pulled a Richardson, withdrawing his name from consideration for the HHS post, to the great regret of the president. He was joined by Nancy Killefer, Obama ‘s pick for Chief Performance Officer–whatever that is–who bailed the same day due to “income tax issues.”

For an administration that touted itself as favoring complete and total change as well as honesty and transparency, after just two weeks the Obamanians seem to represent more of the same ol, same ol’, only worse.

At least the Bush-ites paid their taxes.

The good news is that Obama has only 206 weeks to go!