Source Realignment – Your Key to Health, Abundance and Fulfillment


The legend of the fall of man is the idea that humanity transitioned from a state of obedience to God and so fell into a state of disobedience after original sin was established by Adam and Eve sampling from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. What is interesting here is the idea that the acquisition of knowledge or choice is what caused the split between God and Man. This article will present a somewhat different idea.

If the universe created you from a source of all love and all power and also created you in its own image, then it would seem very reasonable that your own essence would be one of all power and all love. How could it be then that your choices split you off from source and if the Creator is all powerful and all loving how also could you actually separate yourself in the first place? Where would you go? If Source is whole and singular then it must be all that is and if that is so then one could not be outside of that. In other words despite what it may seem or feel one can never be separate from Source. It is completely impossible.

That important point should bring with it a great sense of relief. We are thus at the point where no matter what, we are always connected to our Source. From this then we can see that our choices cloud our connection to Source but at no time does it ever break this connection. We now need to be able to experience this connection consciously in all areas of our lives to live a life of abundance and fulfillment. In order to do this we need to consciously realign ourselves back to Source. This is so much easier to achieve than it might appear and the way we shall measure our alignment is very simply through how we feel. This may sound incredibly obvious yet is overlooked in our day to day living.

When you feel tense, angry, filled with hate or even just a sense of disappointment you are turning from Source. Again this sounds so ridiculously simple yet it is the only measurement that you need. The trick here is to catch yourself at the beginning of the point of turning and to quickly realign yourself by either thinking of a positive situation or a positive outcome to the circumstances that are causing you to feel the way that you do. Try in some way to flip your thinking around. Visualise something that gives you joy or a sense of peace or even excitement and focus on that idea. Allow it to grow within you and allow it to overwrite the previous thought and watch yourself turn back into the flow of Source thinking. After a while you will be able to instantly rewrite that negative thought merely by focusing on Source itself. How you visualise this is entirely personal and unique to you.

This simple method allows you to experience the relief and joy of realignment. As the negative emotions are indicators of being out of sync so the sense of pleasure one gets from getting back into flow is a sure sign that it has worked. You now no longer need anything more complicated than your own sense of being to find out how you are aligned.

As you get into the habit of this instant rescue remedy you will start to see that the tendency for negative thinking will start to fall away as your Source alignment becomes the dominant force in your life. From then on you will start to see evidence of abundance and fulfillment around you and your life will take on a whole new meaning.