So Many Tears Lyrics

The famous legendary singer and actor called Tupac Shakur sang “So many tears” song. Tupac shakur, born on 16 June 1971 in New York embraced death on 13 September in the year of 1996. Even after fifteen years of his demise, his popularity and fame for being the greatest rap song artist has not faded away at all.

His poetry focused more on the socio political issues that created awareness among his audience. He raised his voice against social issues and dilemmas. Through his songs and especially so many tears lyrics, he tried to bring many issues to limelight. He sang and wrote songs about subjects like teenage pregnancy, violence, and broken home and families and drug abuse. He was a motivated and unique person who went deep into many subjects. His poetry and lyrics depicted love reflected in his expression about cruel injustices prevailing among the society.

Tupac Shakur, played some interesting characters and leading roles in many of the Hollywood movies. He earned his respect in both singing and acting, as they were both his career and passion. His character and tone was straightforward and his words will always haunt the memories of people. Charged allegedly and found not guilty, Tupac Shakur, suffered much trouble just before shot dead by Orlando Anderson in Las Vegas. His death is another controversial issue raised by many people who believe that he faked his death and is still alive.

“So many tears”, fourth track of third album called “Me against the world” is one of the best songs by Tupac Shakur or more commonly called 2Pac. In this sad song, he depicts pain. The soulful lyrics express and reflect the sufferings of a man. The video of the song released soon after. Tupac Shakur, not featured in the video track was in the prison. The song so many tears lyrics and music busted the charts by getting the number six rank at the Rap chart in United States. A famous director used this song for one of his documentaries called “Bastards of the party.” The song, released in the year of 1998 made Tupac Shakur, one of the greatest singers alive at that time. He is the first artist in the history whose artistic work and talents shackled the world beyond the walls of the prison. So many tears lyrics and the song have a confessional tone that had impacts on the Billboard charts and made it number one debut song of the year.