.tags I am sorry to say I cannot give enough reasons to support smoking but I can give a myriad of reasons why it is important to quit smoking. Ex- smokers will certainly agree that the pleasure is more in quitting smoking than in smoking and statistics also reveal the same. There is no denying the fact that smoking brings in a lot of health hazards and every single piece of cigarette is instrumental in bringing down the life span of the smoker.

The health problems that are associated with smoking are damage to the lungs, including lung cancer and damage that is done to the skin. Yes, smoking induces pimples and blemishes to the skin and will, in course of time, wrinkle, sagging and create a very old age look.

Apart from the health reasons, the monetary loss due to smoking is also significant. This can be clearly understood if the smoker sits down and calculates the amount of money that can be saved, in the event of quitting smoking. The amount thus saved can be utilized to buy new things, dresses or plan a vacation, as it is a considerable amount that can be saved.

Aside, the smoker not only damages his health and wealth, it causes significant damage to those around. Passive smoking or second hand smoke is known to cause more health hazard to others who are around while smoking. The smoke let out stays for a longer time in the air which is not visible to the eye and cause lung ailments like cold and even lung cancer. Smoking affects even the pets around you, like cat, dog or birds and is more prone to smoke let out.

As with all kinds of addiction, it is very difficult to quit smoking but there are rehabilitation centers to help such people which will give comprehensive and step by step instructions to come out of this addiction. First, the number of cigarettes should be reduced and then alternative medicines that help to quit smoking can be taken. There is a lot of information on smoking, alternative medicine and health and fitness in which offers a wealth of information on health.

Smoking has to be quit for personal reasons, for the well being of others around and for the total satisfaction and happiness of the family. It only needs determination, strong resolution to quit smoking and some support from the family members and friends to come out of this dreadful habit.