Skull Drawing – How to Draw a Skull

A skull is widely considered as a form of art on its own, one that appears as an icon for tattoos and other designs, in fact, it is a favourite to draw for many as it is so simple, but some artists starting out may not know where to start, in this article you will discover the steps to create a skull drawing of your very own, and it is really easy once you learn that every drawing has a process to follow to get there.

First of all though, we have to look at some form of reference material to gather a visual of our intended piece of art, fortunately there are many online sources to which you can gather and use a skull photo to study and draw from, use this picture as a guide and just have a few practice sessions on an old scrap of paper before you begin your best skull sketches.

Your first step of drawing a skull starts with a simple shape, usually an oval shape, this represents the head, and you do not have to worry too much about the details as this will be handled later on down the road, establishing a foundation is all we want to achieve here, the shape and positioning of the head structure are entirely up to you.

Next the key skull features must be identified and marked in on the oval head shape, the eyes and the mouth and jaw line are all sketched in, don’t forget to roughly pencil in the all important cheekbones of your skull, because next we will start to draw in the details, to make your skull appear more skeletal.

Defining the features of any drawing that requires some form of character, is something that is at the forefront of skull art, darkening the pencil lines, as well as drawing in the skull nose and rounding off those cheek bones, also thickening certain pencil lines that make up the jaw line and the skull’s scalp, just add that little extra touch.

What you could do is to ink the drawing after cleaning it up, just to make your drawing more stylized and professional looking, maybe not go over the pencil lines as is, try to improve on the original drawing by inking in cross hatching and other pen and ink techniques.

You should have a skull drawing you are proud of now.