Six Fatal Defects of Women’s Health

.tags It seems that it is easier for women to be attacked by the physical comforts than men. For example, women have to struggle with menstrual pain and the delivery pain. In fact, women have six fatal defects of the physical health. In order to help women improve the physical health, six defects will be explained as follows to arouse women’s awareness. The first defect is the changeable immunity. The immunity of the female body is rather changeable. Women are easier than men to be attacked by serious diseases, such as lupus erythematosus, rheumatic arthritis and thyroid disorders. However, women are stronger than men to resist some minor diseases like cold and fever. The second defect is the heart disease. Generally speaking, the average age of women to get heart disease is later than that of men. However, once women get heart disease, the results are rather serious. For example, various symptoms like weariness can be caused. The medical experts have advised that women should control the body weight so as to protect the heart. In addition, women with high cholesterol should decrease the intake of egg yolk. The third defect is the gynecologic cancer. Gynecologic cancer can cause serious harms to the female health. As the cancer shows no obvious symptom in the early days, it is easy for women to miss the best time for treatment. The gynecologic cancer covers various kinds of cancer, such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical carcinoma. The fourth defect is the weak ligament. The female ligament is congenitally weak. What’s more, it always takes women a long time to cure ligament of the ligament is hurt. According to the medical research, the ligament always becomes weaker during the menstruation. The fifth defect is the slow metabolism. Compared to the rapid metabolism inside the male body, the metabolism inside the female body is relatively slow. Therefore, it is necessary for women to decrease the intake of cold and unripe foods. What’s more, women should keep the belly and legs warm in everyday life. In addition, women should drink wine in a moderate amount, as the liver inside the female body can not resolve alcohol rapidly and effectively. The sixth defect is the weak digestive system. The medical research has proved that it is easy for women to get chronic constipation and intestinal diseases. Therefore, it is important for women to maintain the balanced diet in everyday life. For example, they should increase the intake of foods which can improve the detoxification, such as kelp and honey. Take kelp as an example. Kelp contains abundant protein, dietary fibers, calcium, carotene, riboflavin and various trace elements.