Sexual Harassment: It’s Not Who You Think! – Be The Difference

Sexual Harassment: It’s Not Who You Think! – Be The Difference If the news media were interviewing you right now and asked you “What do you know? When did you know? What did you do about it?” what would you say?

A national survey has shown that most employees believe that harassment training is designed to check a box, rarely do you find programs that raise the level of discussion and create a meaningful dialogue around improving behavior.

Our Be the Difference virtual training program opens conversations about critical harassment topics.

We hear so much about harassment in the workplace every day in the news. Harassment prevention is now a mandate that must include zero tolerance, recognizing bullying and harassment or the intent to harass or misuse power. Victims often talk about their fear of reprisals.

All these topics are covered in an informative and educational format that helps your company to limit risk/liability and helps your employees to speak up and Be the Difference!

Chuck offers a “real world” practical approach to improving your understanding of how to achieve ethical choices! Now is the time to book Chuck and take the steps needed to improve yourself and grow your business, thereby achieving your success!

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