Seventh (Marriage) Lord in Various Houses

Seventh (Marriage) Lord in Various Houses

In the Ascendant

If the lord of the seventh house is found in the Ascendant, the native may marry a person who had been brought up in his own house or had known her since the childhood. He will be traveling from place to place. If afflicted, and in a movable sign, he will be always in the midst of ladies and hanker after clandestine relationship with other women. The spouse of the person shall be intelligent and a mature person.

In the Second House

According to Parashara, seventh house and second house are Maraka of second grade. First grade being, lord of eighth and third. So when seventh lord is placed in the second house, he becomes very powerful as death inflicting planet.

The person will get wealth (In the accumulated sense) through women or through his own marriage. If the affliction is there, person may lose his wife early or his wife shall be of questionable character and the person himself be engaged in flesh trade not sparing his own spouse even.

Affliction further denies further the good quality of good doled out by others in charity. If a common sign is second house, more then one marriage is likely, provided Venus in the horoscope is strong. If the Maraka Dasha is on, the native may die even in this period.

In the Third House

This position gives lucky younger brothers who reside in foreign countries and are generally rich. But if a severe affliction, the native may share the bed of younger sister or spouse of younger brother. His brothers may suffer in their fortunes, however, sisters do survive in lie. Marriage is generally delayed and loss of issues are the other characteristics.

In the Fourth House

If the seventh lord is in the fourth, the native may enjoy lots of comforts, may have fleet of vehicles as the seventh is the fourth from the fourth house according to Bhavat Bhavam theory. The native shall have a religious beat of mind, shall have mental peace and be an intelligent person on the whole. He shall have high academic qualifications. His wife shall beget many children.

But if a severe affliction is present or Rahu or Ketu has any say in the matter, domestic peace will be damaged. Vehicles shall pose endless problems and the spouse may be of mean nature, and his / her character may be of questionable nature. The native may visit many foreign countries.

In the Fifth House

Fifth house being eleventh from the seventh, is a prominent place for seventh lord to occupy provided it is beneficially disposed, not afflicted and without any Paap Kartari Yoga.

For the seventh lord to occupy the fifth indicates the native’s spouse hails from a rich and prosperous family and is a source of continued gains to the native. He may be married in his / her early youth and he / she may be knowing the spouse before marriage. The wife / husband shall be able person commanding position in the society.

But if afflicted, he may not any children or his wife may adopt adulterous means to beget the same. His superiors may under go endless hardships in foreign countries. If both malefic and benefic influence is there it indicates only females issues are born and other bad traits reduced to some extent.

In the Sixth house

If the lord of seventh is placed in the sixth house, it denotes a miserable life. The naïve may not marry at all provided a benefic Jupiter does not cast his aspect over the seventh house or its lord. The native derives pleasure from two wives and one of them may be the daughter of his maternal uncle.

If there is an affliction and Venus is also ill disposed and weak one may be impotent and suffer many diseases such as piles or the native may lose his wife on account of his enemies carrying her away.

In the Seventh House

This is a good position for the seventh lord to occupy, as this way the planet shall be in his own house. The native shall have a powerful and magnetic personality. Though handsome or not shall depend upon the nature of the planet involved. He will be extremely popular in the women circle.

Women will go out of their way to seek his association. The spouse shall come from a good and reputed family. An early marriage and high standard of life is also assured. If the naïve is in business, he shall have very cordial relation with his partners. He may get wealth from his wife or through her family.

But in case of affliction and Venus is also found weak in the chart the naïve may not marry at all. His marriage negotiations may bring loss. Friends may desert him. If the seventh lord is any other planet other than Sun and Moon, it causes on of the PAANCH MAHA PURUSHA YOGA.

In the Eighth House

When the lord of the seventh houses is posited in the eighth house and if the planet concerned is benefic, it indicates the life partner being extremely rich person. The native may marry within relations. It is a known fact that eighth house is a house of legacies, insurance and for inheritance. For the lord of any house posited here, provided the planet is well fortified and not ill disposed, indicates inheritance and legacy from that source. So the placement of the seventh lord in eight house being free from affliction thus denotes life partner being a rich person and the naïve coming to that wealth.

If there is any affliction or the planet is weak in strength it causes early death of spouse, while the naïve may die away from his home in a country other than his own. The native may even remain unmarried or his spouse may contact some disease and thus separated from him. In this connection, position and strength of Venus should be carefully noted.

In the Ninth House

For the seventh lord to occupy the ninth house i.e. house of Luck – it indicates the native shall have the luck turning his side only after marriage. The native may enjoy many women in his life. If the Sun in horoscope is strong and placed in a bad house the native’s father may live abroad. If a movable sign is in the ninth house, the native may visit foreign countries and thus becomes rich. In addition, his father – in – law may be wealthy and reputed person.

But it afflicted, the native may lose his father early. Spouse may be the cause for native to fall from his ideals and wealth may be wasted in this process.

He may undertake unsuccessful foreign journey resulting loss thereby.

In the Tenth House

If the lord of the seventh house is placed in the tenth house which the main quadrant in a horoscope, the native shall travel constantly and his career shall flourish subject to being tenth lord in a movable sign. His wife shall care him a lot and she may too well be employed and a source of income to the native.

She may be a source in uplifting the native’s career. Affliction, however, causes the spouse being over ambitious, without being capable of. As a consequence, the native’s career suffers and become of rather base nature. He may even wander in foreign lands in connection with his profession.

In the Eleventh House

If the lord of the seventh house is posited in the eleventh house, the native may marry a number of times always depending upon the inherent strength of Venus in the chart. If well placed, the wife shall from a wealthy family. Partnership in general shall prove lucky and immense gains shall follow during the period and sub period of the concerned planet.

If simultaneously, eleventh lord is also posited in the second house, foreign source and women shall be responsible for the gains.

Affliction shall reduce the potential qualities of gains which may be rather feeble. Relations with partner in general shall be strained though continuation may not suffer. The native may marry more than once but one wife shall survive him after his own death.

In the Twelfth House

For the lord of seventh house to be placed in the house of loss is not auspicious and is sure sign of native enjoying many women in bed for sometime subject to Venus being strong and indicating the same way. The native’s death may take place while traveling on in a foreign country. The wife may not come from a rich and reputed family and thus be poor.  Jupiter’s aspect over this however is a neutralizing affect.

If afflicted, the native may marry second time clandestinely while the first wife is still alive. His wife may die early. If both seventh lord and Venus are without strength, the native may not marry at all or may even be thinking of other women lying in his bed and giving him pleasure.