Senior Golf – How to Stay Active and Enjoy Your Retirement


Senior golf is one of the fastest growing pastimes of seniors and retirees — both men and women.

Today, with the baby boomers hitting retirement age, more and more people are looking to maintain their active lifestyles and senior golf is a perfect choice to do this.

However, most of us cannot hit the ball like the pros — nor even like we did when we were 35. Unfortunately many of us still try. This can lead to frustration, anger and even injury.

Understand that your body and lifestyle have changed and your golf game needs to change too.

You are not as strong as you use to be. No problem. Don’t try to smash the drive like John Daley. Just work on your short game more. Better to make the green in 3 than to risk injury with a massive drive and then hit it into the woods.
You are not as limber as you use to be. No problem here either if you modify your swing. Don’t try to “Wrap and Uncoil” like Tiger. Develop a shorter backswing and easy follow through. Your back will thank you.
You are not as busy as you use to be. Hey, this is a good thing! Take the time to really enjoy the golf. Visit more with your friends and work on the small aspects of your game.

Joining a senior golf league is a great way to enjoy golfing during your retirement years. Playing with other people of your age and ability will show you quicker than anything else how you should handle yourself (and perhaps what you should NOT do.)

Senior golf can be a great way to stay active and healthy well into your golden years. But you should learn to play as a senior. Understand what your body can and cannot do. Then go out and enjoy playing with family and friends.