Self Confidence Tips – 6 Arts of Building Self Confidence

Building self confidence is am art which we can develop. While developing it may mean hard work, we can adopt particular steps and strategies to help we build self-confidence now with these self confidence arts.

1 – Speak confident. In our conversations, it pays to use positive terms consistently. Even if we may have some concerns, say simply that we will be something done or that we’ll get it finished on time. This inculcates confidence inside we, and increases our chances of accomplishing the task. Practice speaking without resorting to qualifiers: do without ifs and buts, remove the maybes, stop saying I’m not sure.

2 – Start a conversation. It is never easy starting a conversation with people we don’t know, but it is a good exercise so make ourself do it. All relationships begin as strangers. Initiating a conversation with a stranger at a gathering, whether it’s a party or a conference, will build our confidence. Don’t worry, they’ll not run away; they may be grateful for our interest in them. This will make people see us as a person with good self confidence, and treat us that way.

3 – Learn from past mistakes will providing us the stepping stones and the higher vantage point from which to acquire more knowledge and wisdom. Although we would not want to make the same mistake again, be generous with ourself and acknowledge that we are not quite perfect.

4 – Emulate self-confident people. Observe the people with strong self confidence we know and look for behavior that we like. It could be in the things they say, the way they work, or how they carry themselves. Select one behavior at a time and try to integrate it into our own personality. If self-confidence in others catches our eye, we may have the capacity for more of it in ourself: the qualities that attract us usually indicate the capacities that remain underdeveloped in us.

5 – Look confident. No matter how we may feel on a particular day, groom ourself as if everything is dapper and we are on top of the world. Stand erect as if we are an inch taller and walk confidently, stride firm and conveying a sense of purpose. Walking with head up and maintaining good eye contact makes others more confident in us. The positive feedback we get will build our confidence.

6 – Be ready for discussions. One way of preparing ourself to handle tough situations (at meetings, interviews, or conversations) is to rehearse ahead of time. Write some notes about possible questions and our responses. If we usually find ourself at a loss of for words, especially in social situations, play through ‘small talk’ topics about which we chat or ask questions. Often, what matters most is that we are able to speak with confidence about something.