Security Systems Safety Tips – During the Robbery

About sixteen percent of American homes will be robbed or burglarized this year. In other words, a burglary takes place every thirteen seconds in the United States. This can only suggest that any home, without full protection from security systems, is a potential target for burglary. Here are some tips concerning burglaries that will benefit you if your house is ever robbed.

First off, you must make a plan regarding a burglary situation. These decisions are better made now, while there is no danger and you are calm. Every situation will be different, so a general plan will keep you organized and secure. The best thing to do is stay quiet, hide, and call the police. Also, it is beneficial to listen in order to determine how many burglars there are, and whether or not they have weapons. These are important details that the police need to know. If possible, remain in the room you’re in and try to lock or barricade the door. Then call out to the burglars and notify them that the police are coming. In most cases, the intruders will not risk getting caught, and will leave immediately. Never confront the trespasser unless in self defense. Additionally, don’t leave your room with a weapon or flashlight — you might surprise or intimidate the burglar who might respond aggressively. If you are able, try to escape through a window or back door.

One way to prevent any intruders from entering your home is by setting up home security systems. Not only does it warn you of burglars, but it also safeguards from carbon monoxide poisoning or fire. A home with no security system is two to three times more likely to be broken into. It is clear that any home with home security systems reduces the chance of any robbery or burglary threat.