Santa Cruz County Water Concerns May Affect Development And Home Prices

Residential development along Buena Vista Drive, north of Watsonville, may be affected in 2011 and beyond due to concerns about declining water supplies.The Santa Cruz Local Agency Formation Commission is a group that has the say over whether new development will be undertaken, depending on the ability of the water supply to support more residential areas.This has the potential to significantly affect home values in the Santa Cruz area.

The relatively recently inaugurated Water Policy Committee of LAFCO is now recommending drastic changes to development policies all across Santa Cruz County.The main concern is that water flow in northern rivers and streams and shrinking aquifers will not be enough to support the additional demand.In part, these concerns have halted proposed developments in the Santa Cruz residential sector, as the Water Policy Committee determines whether local water supplies can adequately supply them.

For real estate buyers in Santa Cruz County, restricted residential development means that the price of present residential development can only go up.The demand that makes new residential development worth building is going to make your home investment that much more valuable.As of January 3, 2011, the median price of a Santa Cruz home is $ 599,900.If residential demand increases without residential development meeting it, home prices are likely to rise in the cities affected by LAFCO water policies.

Homebuyers in Santa Cruz may soon be able to make the most of their water through gray water systems that divert the water from laundry, bathtubs and showers to gardens, orchards and greenery areas.There are many opportunities for Santa Cruz homeowners to get the most out of their water, save energy and conserve resources without feeling restricted in their water usage.

A public hearing on LAFCOs water policies will be held on February 2, 2011 for interested parties to find out more about LAFCO and the Water Policy Committee.The hearing will also be of interest to Santa Cruz home owners who want to find out more about how the water restrictions will affect their homes and land use within their communities.

For more information on water policies and Santa Cruz home purchase and investment opportunities, its a good idea to contact a Santa Cruz Realtor who has experience with the local market.When considering a home in areas that can require occasional water restrictions, Santa Cruz home buyers will greatly benefit from the expert advice that an accredited real estate professional can provide.