Sangria – Wine that enhances relaxation

Sangria – Wine that enhances relaxation

Sangria is the pride of Spain and not only is it served in the country; it is also liked throughout the world. Sangria is extremely preferred during the summer months. This cold, delicious and refreshing fruity drink can cater to taste of women also. The alcohol content in sangria varies according to the variety you choose and the recipe for each variety is also different. Sangria contains various forms of wines, brandy and the fruits that are poured over the ice.

While you are in Spain, you must find enough time to taste each variety of sangria. Historically, wine and beer were the top choices of drinks, even for children. People used to store them and they were considered safer than water. Wine used to be a versatile ingredient that was mixed with other drinks whether they were fruity or of some other genre. Sangria was first made in Spain and it basically used various fruity drinks that were citrus in nature to be mixed with local wines. People of the area really liked the drink and since then the recipes have not changed as yet.

Sangria is basically a drink that is really preferred in Spain because of the fact that it enhances relaxation. The word itself means Bloody in both the Portuguese and Spanish language. This word refers to the color that drink imparts as it is generally made with red wine. According to ancient beliefs, the drink was used to relieve people of illness that used to arise from overheated blood. While the drink is not literally cool, it has a counter effect in blood and refreshes you even if you have it in the hottest of afternoon.

Sangria is traditionally red in color but a white version of it known as Sangria Blanco is also quite popular. Some people in southern Spain use nectarines and peaches as a complement in sangria and the drink is referred to as Zurra.

While you are in Spain, Sangria can be a delicious and refreshing item you. Since sangria contains fruit content, it is a good drink that you can have while you are relaxing on the beach. You can ask the bartender to prepare a form of sangria that contains something citrus along with other fruits added. You can ask the bartender to add pineapple, apples, pears so that you drink works out the best. You may also ask the bartender to serve you sangria mix with honey or sugar so that it gets a sweet effect. If you have women and children along, you can complement sangria with fruit brandy. It will set a fine mood for you and you will really enjoy your time on beach or wherever you are in Spain.