San Pedro Auto Repair Shop Gives Tips For Driving On Hills

Did you know you can limit vehicle problems and save money just by driving on hills properly? In fact, driving on hills affects many vital components of your car, and the damage adds up over time. You can minimize this damage by following some simple tips from your local San Pedro auto repair shop to increase the longevity of your brakes, improve engine performance, and even save money on gas.

Save Your Car and Cash With These San Pedro Auto Repair Shop Tips
The effects of driving up and down a hill are two very different things from your cars perspective. When you approach the beginning of a hill, you should slightly speed up to give you extra momentum to get up the hill.

Momentum is an important factor because accelerating while moving upwards uses an excessive amount of gas. When you increase your speed just before you reach a hill, the momentum will often carry you up it without much additional acceleration. Depending on the size of the hill, you may not even need to hit the gas pedal.

But what about once you reach the top of the hill? Your San Pedro auto repair shop advises you to keep your foot off the brake and gas as much as possible. You want to avoid using your brakes to maintain your downhill speed, so you only use them to gradually slow down.

If you overuse your brakes, you risk damage to your braking system. This, of course, spells disaster for you and your car. In addition to following basic safety when driving on hills, you can help ensure your safety on the roads by visiting an auto repair shop in San Pedro to inspect your brake pads.

The last thing you want to do is burn-out your brake pads and cause damage to your rotors. This is a much more costly and unnecessary automotive repair that can easily be avoided with preventative maintenance.

San Pedro Auto Repair Shop: Your Next Stop?
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